A glib term used by submariners to describe all other ships that merely float on the surface of the water.
Submariner: What do you call the boats in the Pacific Navy fleet that are about to head out to sea?

Master Chief: Targets.
by The Troll August 04, 2005
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Singling a designated "targeted individual" out for continuous group stalking, harassment, taunting, and bullying. Making some type of contact with the target every single time they leave their home, even if it just to take out the trash or pick up the mail. Targeting is overt and involves sensitization to repeated stimuli to let the target know they are being watched. Making the target's life as difficult as possible everywhere they go for the purposes of alienation, humiliation, isolation, and degradation.
All the neighbors are targeting her by practicing same time entry/exit from their homes whenever she arrives/departs. They will frequently block her path on foot and by vehicle everywhere she goes in the neighborhood, making loud noises and instigating arguments.
by CaliforniaTI October 04, 2013
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A store that prides itself on working people to death. Clock in at Target and you have no idea when you're actually getting off, scheduled hours mean nothing. They have a bizarre alphabet-soup way of describing everyone's position that no one understands, and everyone in management is called some kind of "leader".
Yes, my leader! Yavohl, mein leader! Twenty people clocked in at Target last week and were never seen again, prolly still on shift cause the go-backs aren't finished.
by The Dodger September 13, 2005
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A store that prides itself as being "upscale" but it is a horrible company to work for. All of the employees have some stupid abbreviation for their title. There are three types of people who work in Target; the loyalists who have a bulls eye tattooed on their asses, the people who are biding their time in between jobs, and the most tragic, the broken-spirited people who do not have the will to look for another job and take the abuse. The GSTLs are the worst people as they are drunk on their own power. The store manager is usually a figurehead. This company is like something straight out of Dickens. On top of all of this, the stores are so inefficiently run that it is a mystery that it maintains corporate status.
Target should be avoided due to its treatment of employees.
by New English June 06, 2009
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When you're playing a game, but hold a grudge against someone else playing for no apparent reason, but you still make sure they lose the game because 'whatever'.
- Playing It -

(Person being targeted): "HEY! Why do you only chase me when there are other people behind you who you can tag?"
(Person targeting): "Uh, I don't know."
(Person being targeted): Oh, of course not, you nance. You're targeting me!
by Backward-Drawback January 27, 2021
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Target is store where if you last the first 90 days, you'll be stuck there for years. They will shaft you for money every chance they get, they will dock your base rate if you transfer, they will fuck up your check and not tell you, and when you want to get the money back, its to late. and don't look to the HR to get it back either. They work for the company and tell you they cannot do anything about it (which is a lie).
I worked at target for 5yrs and now I have a herniated disk. but Im a level one so my crappy insurance wont cover shit. Fuck you Becky at 1194 you two faced droppy dog lookin beoch. You will die miserable and pitiful. YA thats right wig hairs.
by BVL September 26, 2006
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A place that prides itself in being better than Wal-Mart when in actuality, it may be worse. It's a cult. At your orientation, they make you watch a 45 minute anti-Union spiel because the Union would only let you do your job, instead of making you juggle 10 tasks at a time. They have stupid Target speak. Not only do they insist on calling managers "team leads" and non-managerial employees "team members" they insist on abbreviating it to "TL" or "TM." In fact, everything has a stupid abbreviation and you never know what the hell one of your "TL"'s is talking about when they say, "Meet the GSTL at TSE." It's not enough to be a polite and competent employee to your customers. You must push Target credit or debit cards on them and talk to them about their purchases. For all you "guests" who think Target is somehow more ethical or upscale than Wal-Mart, wake up! They pay minimum wage, never really give full-time, don't give employees benefits, and all that crap in the Dollar Zone is made in some sweat shop in China. And you aren't getting some great deal from the Dollar Zone either! It's cheap, useless, plastic crap you didn't need or even really want.
I just went to Target and spent $120 on items from the Dollar Zone. Now I have 40 Star Wars To-Do lists, 40 Hello Kitty pens that don't write, and 40 Superman tumblers that are made with a grade of plastic known to be carcinogenic. When I made the purchase the cashier wouldn't stop trying to push a Target credit card on me. Then her boss pulled her to the side, said it was time for a "team huddle" and yelled at her in a bunch of abbreviations and told her she wasn't "fast, fun, and friendly" for not successfully selling me, the "guest," the card.
by redkhakinightmare October 10, 2010
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