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The Rosewood movement was started by US rapper Kanye West in August 2010 and according to him, the Rosewood movement is mainly about having class and manners as well as being able to dress awes-mazingly.

People that want to be down with the movement also have to start pulling out chairs for your lady, opening up doors and such.

Other requirements include calling your grandmother on a daily basis and taking care of your kids.
Joe: Hey, look at Jay taking his grandmother out for a dinner!

John: Yeah! He's pretty rosewood!
by mirZa117 August 15, 2010
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An official term for when a guy doesnt want to be bothered with anything. Girls gets periods to blame their attitudes ... guys have Rosewoods.
hes on his rosewood, i think we should leave him alone
by frostythekid September 20, 2010
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