The person that has 2 butts
A: Hey! Do you know that you can't say "assassin" without saying "ass" twice!
B: Fuck off
by I used my real name for my acc December 16, 2021
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A large game played over an extended period of time, usually by 10 or more people, and typically set in a college dorm. Players are secretly assigned the name of another player to "assassinate," that is, squirt with a water gun when the target is not looking and when no one else may see the shot. When the target is assassinated, the assassin inherits the target of the deceased, thus closing the circle. The game continues until only one assassin remains.
Jan assassinated Meredith, then got Cindy since she was Meredith's target, and is now chasing Giacomo and running from Tyler. What a game!
by mei0023 April 7, 2005
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A hardcore ninja that doesn't care for all that Natrutard crap.
1.) Altair of Assassin's Creed
2.) Orange Jumpsuit Nazis
by Eroth December 26, 2007
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1. A contract killer.

2. The best type of girlfriend to have. If you have an assassin girlfriend, you got twice the ass for the price of one.
1. Are you a real assassin? Bill at the office has been bugging me, can you fix that?

2. To get an assassin girlfriend is way better than getting a BOOBY TRAP girlfriend.
by CriticalDesign January 9, 2008
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A Guild Wars profession specializing in combo attacks attacks and shadow abilities. Attributes include:

Critical Strikes
Dagger Mastery
Deadly Arts
Shadow Arts
The assassin lashed out at the W/Mo and shadow stepped back to safety.
by Domino-the-Drow June 28, 2006
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it is a sex position that involves either the male or female to eat out the other persons ass.
if she is licking his ass hole then he is assassinating her.
by lathen June 16, 2008
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a person who will kill you, but has the most hillarious word in the human language.
why sir the assassin may be oh so clever but when they kill you atleast they'll be taking you from behind.
by Miss mavie February 23, 2010
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