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Slang for a penis or litrerally sausage made of duck meat.
Do you like duck sausage? Well then, duck down and get you some.
by Shane April 01, 2004
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a girl/guy you went out with but you really didn't have a connection with but the sex was so good that you fuck em from time to time
samantha calls up her fuck buddy john because she is horny
by Shane September 03, 2004
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Fuck+ (suffix)-ling
Duckling- A SMALL duck

Use of the adverb "Fucking" but used for the smaller, or more minor class, thus "Fuckling"
That fuckling 6 year old down the street just took a shit in my garden again!
by Shane June 09, 2004
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Originated with fly fishermen who have to have every cool,expensive piece of gear there is. Now broadly applies to anyone who has to have the all the cool, expensive gear associated with their hobby of choice.
That guy with all the ski equipment is a real gear whore.
by Shane December 03, 2004
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a buddy you listen to country music with and at the same time talk to them on AIM
kelsey: hey we should be country buddies
cal: we totally should!
by Shane September 03, 2004
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Jimmy is a natural at basketball, it must be his crackers and mustard.
by Shane February 17, 2005
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