111 definition by Shane

Due to the high temperatures found in hot tubs normal sperm can not survive. Therefore if any sperm do survive they're pretty freakish and abnormal. Any pregnancy resulting from use of these sperm results in a hot tub baby
Why does that kid have 3 arms? He's a hot tub baby.
by Shane March 21, 2005

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A super factral shmoor in the slarbendomussenstache
You are suck a Deneanerz
by Shane October 08, 2004

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1. Adj. a whore that shoots heroin in Swedish. One of the more demeaning things you can say to a Swedish women.
Hey baby, suck me like a sprutluder wantin a fix.
by Shane August 23, 2003

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boys in blue
(n) Police
Got Caught on a 211 by da boys in blue
by shane June 18, 2003

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prostitute, under 50 cents
that chick is sheldons mom
by shane March 22, 2004

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Slang term for xylophone, a tuned melodic percussion instrument, made of either wood, kelon, or a similar resonant material. Often having a musical range of at least two octaves, xylophones have a very articulate and characteristic sound. They are a very important instrument in today's bands and orchestras.
OK percussion, sort out the parts, and make sure you remember there is a xylophone solo during this piece.
Did you guys hear that wicked xylophone solo in Sabre Dance?
by Shane January 07, 2005

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A fat or overweight ho. Someone who has too much sex and is fat. One who resembles a dumpling.
Jason's mistress is so fat she's a cumdumplin. She's also screwin Joe and me too.
by Shane January 12, 2004

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