When someone has testicles the size of watermelons
guy 1: "hey that guy looks like he has a hard on"
guy 2: "na he's just got frase"
by jeremysmith465 May 27, 2010
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A person who resembles Frase. Usually lanky, with glasses and a large cartoon-like nose.

see Millhouse.
That poor bastard is a frase-a-like!

Stay away from that cunt wi the glasses boys he's a bit ae a frase!

Thank fuck I'm not a frase-a-like
by Gibby the mad hun bastard August 8, 2008
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The flavor that we all savour

In franch it is called strawberry banana
Boi: I love my drink
Boi 2: omfg it fukin frase Banane! Gimme!
by Frase Banane boy July 12, 2018
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Or "phive-phrase philibuster". Refers to a knock-knock joke, since its utilization needlessly adds lots of extra words to said utterance, especially in "everyday" or "ordinary" instances where a simple question or statement would have sufficed.
Employing a five-frase filibuster may indeed consume extra time and lung-power, but it also can often greatly relieve tension and cause a possibly-less-than-welcome statement/question to be received considerably more calmly and/or amicably than it might have been if you'd simply blurted it out "directly".
by QuacksO July 18, 2021
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