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A Hipster is a neo-beatnik bent on individuality and seeking a culture previously underground or unique. The word Hipster is synonymous with poser. See poser. A hipster will never claim being a hipster unless they are jokingly denouncing hipsterism and are in fact an individual.
"Hipster chicks are hot, I like the way they dress, they listen to good music"
"Yes, but creative women with their own tastes who dress like hipsters, and listen to hipster music out of their own enjoyment are the ones you want to talk to".
by Shagmelon March 10, 2011

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i.l.a. "I laugh aloud" coined with the purpose to replace the often overused lol and especially LOL
wtf jarboe?! ila
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011

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This simply describes your male Pomeranian's or similar sized K-9's erection.
omg wtf is that red thing on Sammy's undercarriage?!

Huh? oh. Samson's got that red pepper.
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011

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This is what you call your girlfriend when she is being a loud tramp. Derived from electric boogaloo and butt slut.
You lose the fucking car keys all the fucking time you! of course I'm fucking blaming you!

I lose the keys twice, you lose your fucking temper ehry fuckin' day! Check ur damn purse that's where they always are!! *gets slammed in the noggin with purse* You such a boogaloo butt slut supercunt bitch!
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011

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Nice to meet you too.
Example 1:
"shucks! I am unsure on the proper usage of

too and to, but it is very nice too meet you!"

"yo ntmyt"

Example 2:
"Nice to meet you!"
"I'm so hasty!
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011

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Term to recede you no. Used to proceed a rebuttal in debates and conversation. Also denotes victory in debates.
...yeah bro but that Megan Fox is so...

Beautiful yes. Amazingly attractive...she can't act, you no. Me yes
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011

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Not to be confused with you know. This is a command to be followed by a period. Often used in debates to interrupt someone mid-rebuttal. Note you no is commonly follow by me yes.
...well actually, in Genesis to Revela....

You no. Me yes. Dummy I was talking about the band.
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011

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