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Electric Boogaloo, or, more commonly The Electric Boogaloo is a dance created by The Electric Boogaloos. Pretty much everything about modern day dance was derived from The Electric Boogaloo.
Here it is! Hey check out this kid on youtube breakdancin' he's crazy amazing!

...that's da Electric Boogaloo
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011
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i.l.a. "I laugh aloud" coined with the purpose to replace the often overused lol and especially LOL
wtf jarboe?! ila
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011
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This is when someone is AFK so long it is assumed they are a dead president.
no one responding on IRC!

dats alright they prolly just JFK
by Shagmelon April 17, 2011
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A Hipster is a neo-beatnik bent on individuality and seeking a culture previously underground or unique. The word Hipster is synonymous with poser. See poser. A hipster will never claim being a hipster unless they are jokingly denouncing hipsterism and are in fact an individual.
"Hipster chicks are hot, I like the way they dress, they listen to good music"
"Yes, but creative women with their own tastes who dress like hipsters, and listen to hipster music out of their own enjoyment are the ones you want to talk to".
by Shagmelon March 10, 2011
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Term to recede you no. Used to proceed a rebuttal in debates and conversation. Also denotes victory in debates.
...yeah bro but that Megan Fox is so...

Beautiful yes. Amazingly attractive...she can't act, you no. Me yes
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011
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Nigger isn't a racial term, it means spatula, and a spatula is a cooking utensil.
I'm preparing eggs and I cannot find your nigger. Check the silverware drawer, I believe I have three of them.

When cooking flapjacks, I use a select nigger, it's choice.

I've destroyed my best pan with a metal nigger.
by Shagmelon August 19, 2011
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1 (conjunction) When one's getting their sleep on.

2 (adjective) To describe one whom is asleep.

Interchangeable with *The bunk habit
No worries, he just gots a case of da bunk habit
by Shagmelon March 30, 2011
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