1:A small, dogish creature. She is the diety of the "Church of Small Dog" and was also very small. It should also be mentioned that she was a dog. A "small dog" or "Small Dog" if you will.
2: The greatest thing to ever happen to anything in the history of ever.
by aboynamedcheese February 20, 2004
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Someone who is mentally imbalanced and has a hard time maintaining healthy relationships with other human beings. They spend most of their time and attention with a dog tthat weighs less than 20lbs.

Many women will defend their female friends with small dogs but this is the easiest test.

Ask them to think of their favorite male friend or relative. Then ask them to think of a woman with a small dog they would encourage that favorite male to date. No good person will hook a real friend up with a small dog lady.
I could tell she was small dog crazy when she was pushing it in a stroller. I didn't even have to see the matching outfits or professional photos of just her dog.
by Wordiculous June 30, 2022
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When small dogs think they are as big and powerful as big dogs. Often times pick fights with dogs bigger than them. Can be aggressive in fights.
by Kronoskronoskronos September 14, 2021
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Similiar to the Hoop Earring Theory. The size of the dog correlates the level of a woman's promiscuity. The smaller the breed, the higher level of promiscuity.
"Hey man, I met this girl at the dog park. She's got a chihuahua, and she seems into me."
"She is into everyone man, its the Small Dog theory."
by PhinTheHumanZ February 3, 2018
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