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Genesis is beautiful, sweet, loving and has long brown hair. She does her best to keep you happy. If she laughs at your jokes she loves you. If she finds you interesting you won a place in her heart. She might just hate you for it. Genesis likes it when her way of thinking is challenged. She's your best friend and wants the best for you. Sometimes she may seem lost or hard to figure out but eventually you'll get where she's coming from. Genesis is spontaneous she is willing to try new things. When you meet Genesis always keep her in your life you won't regret it.
Genesis is goddess.
by lostin_mordor May 10, 2014
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Someone who is always there for you. Someone who is beautiful and intelligent. Most of all someone who cares about you.
She's a real Genesis.
Another Genesis in the class.
by DusTheTrainer April 14, 2016
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If a Genesis enters your life do not let her for anything because you will regret it in the long run. She is amazing she can easily make snyone smile. She maybe lost at times but that is what makes her the way she is. Bubble Tea give this girl vanilla chai bubble tea and she will love you forever. She will always be there for you. Always someone to make you smile even when she is not trying.

She can make any guy fall for her cause she is that good.
Always have a Genesis in your life cause you will be the most happiest person ever cause she will make sure you smile everyday and every moment of your life.
Genesis: and Brain went stomp stomp stomp
Me: Sabi your so cute

Genesis: Shh Mike

Me: you really are a genesis
by xbordax October 17, 2010
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The kind of person who can make you laugh so hard you cry. She is perfect in every way and is unstoppable. She is the best friend anyone could ask for and always knows what is right. (She is usually smiling, or laughing, or...bouncing)
She is very cool, sweet, and very bubbly. She is so fun to be around.
She can make any guy fall for her because she is that good.
If you have a Genesis you dont want to let her go.
There are so many words to describe a Genesis.
She is smart, beautiful, hilarious, bouncy, crazy (in a good way), fun, hot, creative, and awesome!
Dude: Ooh who's that chick

Michael: Thats Genesis

Dude: Thats totally a Genesis
by janiagurl July 06, 2011
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Genesis is someone who will make your day, she'll be there when you need her whether it's day or night, there isn't anyone like her she's one of a kind. She's a best friend anyone could wish for. She's smart, funny , she gives good advice, and she's always right when it comes to life but above all that she will make you laugh until you cry.

You will usually see her laughing, smiling, bouncing. She's crazy (in a good way) but when she having a bad day.. she's really having a bad day and no one should mess with her because she'll explode.

If you have a Genesis don't let her go. You'll regret it.
Dani: shes so funny what's her name?
Stacey : that's genesis
Dani: she's cute
by happyrosetime December 10, 2016
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