Genesis is beautiful, sweet, loving and has long brown hair. She does her best to keep you happy. If she laughs at your jokes she loves you. If she finds you interesting you won a place in her heart. She might just hate you for it. Genesis likes it when her way of thinking is challenged. She's your best friend and wants the best for you. Sometimes she may seem lost or hard to figure out but eventually you'll get where she's coming from. Genesis is spontaneous she is willing to try new things. When you meet Genesis always keep her in your life you won't regret it.
Genesis is goddess.
by lostin_mordor May 11, 2014
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Genesis is the one who is always smiling, laughing and happy! And if she's sad, you don't usually notice because she's always trying to make her best face. She's a very good friend, tries to help the others, gives advice and tries to be empathetic to the others. But she may be quiet sometimes but it can be cause she prefers listening than talk at first.

She's very sensitive and a little sad thing can make her cry. However, she loves romance, loves love and an easy loving person. She also love babies and how cute they are!

Academically she is a very smart, she has high notes in very difficult subjects. But she hate mathematics!

If you have a Genesis in your life, try to make the best for her and don't let her go never.
Look at Genesis, she's so funny.

Why is Genesis crying for that movie? Haha, don't mind she's very sensitive.
by Coolreality May 29, 2020
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Genesis is a nice smart girl. She has her own way of thinking. She’s very unique. She may be harsh at times but, it’s because she doesn’t want attention. She may be quiet but, when you get to know her better it’s hard to not have her as a friend. She likes sweets but not to sweet and she can be shallow but it’s because she’s misunderstood anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend. She loves to be improved and likes to have fun she is the life of the party. She always holds grudges but it’s because she could be sensitive at times. She is rough but it’s because she loves you. If you have a Genesis tell her you are happ my to be her friend.
Genesis is very understanding.
by U-do-u122 June 28, 2018
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Someone who is always there for you. Someone who is beautiful and intelligent. Most of all someone who cares about you.
She's a real Genesis.
Another Genesis in the class.
by DusTheTrainer January 3, 2016
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A beautiful, curvy, intelligent, girl. She is crazy in a really good way, and she is very trustworthy. She might have a love for Justin Bieber, but don't judge her on that. She is always Switzerland in an argument, she hates ranking friends and picking sides. She might be very shy and introverted, but once she gets to know you, she'll open little by little. Don't get mad at her if she holds secrets, its not her fault that she has them
If you are friends with a genesis, dont let her go.
Lucas: who is that girl? she is so... different.
Camila: oh thats just Genesis, she always walks the halls by herself.
Brianna: yeah because she is shy, she is really cool. You would like her.
Lucas: Yeah... *looks at Genesis and blushes*
by xxgexx December 27, 2017
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The kind of person who can make you laugh,gives good advice when needed,pretty, a best friend that you can ever have,and is obsessed with Romance. She will always be there for u no matter what time.She may be quit at times only because she has no one to talk to or rlly doesn't give two shits. But overall she will make your day even when u can't make hers.

If you have a Genesis in your life don't let her go! She's smart,funny,crazy(in a good way),pretty,sweet, and fun.
Guys:Who's that?
Girl:That's my best friend genesis!
Guy:she's pretty
by pg0122 May 8, 2017
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