"in the nude" except it is used to describe a naked furry.
Some people draw anthros with clothes, while others draw them completely in the fur
by 1nd1fference April 16, 2016
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adjective. To be either...
1) Ugly
2) Fucked up (Drunk, high, etc.)
"Yo what'd you just get outta bed? You look furred as shit."
"Yos old ass shoes look hella furred."

Guy: "I was at this bomb party last night, and I smoked 11 blunts and drank a whole fifth of vodka to myself. I was super furred! I even woke up completely naked next to a dude! I was on some new shit!"
Friend: "FYL"
by Shotta April 30, 2009
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fucked up robot

(originated from a team at a well known robotic competition MASLAB at MIT in 2010 who actually named their robot 'FUR' after repeated failures.)
It's already been 30 days, and my SmashRobo can't even move more then 3 seconds; We should rename it for FUR at its Best.
by mks11 July 23, 2011
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n. Members of the furry fandom. Often confused with furries.
Those artists at that table are furs.
by Caoimhin June 16, 2008
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