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The opposite of no worries.

A retort used to impose a reality check on an idiot -- Australian or otherwise -- who attempts to dismiss a worrisome situation with their inappropriately optimistic bullshit.
Non-Australian: This software is buggy.
Australian: No worries, mate!
Non-Australian: Worries, mate. Worries.
Australian: No worries.
Non-Australian: STFU, you don't have to support it! Worries, I tell you! Worries!
by Charlie Bravo March 18, 2008
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The thought or emotion (?), state of being that a lot of us struggle with, can lead to excessive thinking, sweating, feeling, talking and being. To over exert yourself in the department of stress.
Theyโ€™ve got a one way ticket to stressvile, donโ€™t you worry! Theyโ€™ll be alright!! Theyโ€™re going to the doctor
by *chiquita.lolita. June 13, 2018
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action of a dog seizing an item with its teeth and violently shaking its head from side to side in an effort to kill whatever the item is.
i know why that boot is all tore up, i saw the dog worry it.
by viciousk June 10, 2009
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