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50 cent is one of the few black people who is actually a nigger in the true sense of the word. Holds black people and the entire human race back. Should be put in slave chains or shot in the face. His marketers use clever tactics to put stupid ideas in the heads of people and make him look 'tuff'.
50 cent is a great example of not only the worst of the black race, but the worst of humanity in general.
by Shadow Creator November 28, 2007

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A legitimate science that has been abused by mislead doctors for the benefit of mass society and huge drug companies. Propagated as the utter solution to everything that is wrong with society, when the causes are social. Has been expanded to include 'psychiatric genetics' (or 'behavioral genetics'), a field which attempts to convince the public that our finest behaviors are governed by genes without providing true evidence to support this claim. What 'evidence' that is presented tends to jump to conclusions (correlation =/= causation). It's also used by the general masses to absolve themselves of responsibility for their actions commonly (He did it because he was genetically predisposed to violence!). All in all, controlling for environmental factors is damn near impossible at this time, rendering most of 'behavioral genetics' worthless.
Genetics is a legitimate field, but when it becomes an enforcer of a status quo based on little or no evidence, it is nothing short of an atrocity.
by Shadow Creator November 25, 2007

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1. A fucking retarded name for ones partner.
2. A word used to scare someone.
3. A word commonly hollered at 50 cent, MCR, FOB, Nickelback, and P!ATD concerts.
1. (guy) hey wuzzup mah boo, u checkin it out to feel reel gud
(girl) shut the fuck up dumbass you sound like an idiot

2. (guy 1) BOO!
(Announcer) And now, our final act, panic! at the disco!
by Shadow Creator December 11, 2007

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An uninspired first person shooter that is somewhat fun in multiplayer. Contains weapons that are at least 500 years outdated, cheesy aliens, and a somewhat boring storyline.
Halo is an okay boredom killer, but is not an intelligent or particularly interesting game
by Shadow Creator September 07, 2007

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Fun game with weak, completely outdated weapons.
The first killzone would have been much better had they ironed out some minor issues. I wish they would just set the series in 2025 if they are going to make the weapons so similar to today's.
by Shadow Creator September 07, 2007

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The same exact thing as depression, but usually more severe. Fluffed up with the world 'clinical' to make the problem seem medical.
depressed person: im miserable

psychiatrist: oh no no no you have clinical depression

depressed person: fuck you who cares about your technicalities

psychiatrist: theres a totally different brain structure

depressed person: no there isnt you just made that up

psychiatrist: um...i dunno
by Shadow Creator October 11, 2007

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Extremely overprescribed drug that is commonly handed out like candy. Can provide some 'numbing' effects for some, but corrects no real 'imbalance'. Much of it's 'help' is placebo effect related and it can be dangerous in many instances.
They don't need love, they're suffering from 'medical neglect', give 'em prozac!
by Shadow Creator September 03, 2007

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