Disjointed is best sitcom ever. It’s about weed and it’s awesome
This new disjointed series is great
by Vilo the Slovak guy January 17, 2018
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The noun-form of the word 'disjoint' (not disjoint, but rather the formal dictionary meaning).

1 A state of disarray, confusion, disrepair, and utter chaos. Something that is so fucked up beyond repair that it's better off being replaced or scraped altogether.

2 The state of having one's literal joints out-of-place.

3 The moment where you stop smoking a joint.
My, that is some disjointment you have gotten yourself into.

Person A: Hey, did you go to the party last night?
Person B: Yeah, after I took a hit of disjoint
Person A: Did you see the girl's house after? That shit was all fucked up.
Person B: Oh hell yeah, it was all one big disjointment.

Seeing his family entering the house from the second-story window, John knew that disjointment was inevitable, and he began to clean up his stuff.
by Markers1713 January 30, 2011
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a) Something complete out of order
b) Netflix original serie. A comedy, about a medicinal marijuana shop and its staff
Did you finish disjointed first season?
Nah, im only in episode 3 im not really into the show
by brithneybitch January 02, 2018
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adj. Lacking a reefer because an authotity figure or bully has taken it from your lips.

So this cop comes along so my woman whips her purse against my face and before I can move I am totally disjointed.

Props to her man.
by gnostic3 July 02, 2020
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