stolen. to have something taken from you without your permission or consent, and without the intention to be returned.
dam, someone broke into my house last night and taxed my T.V.
by Bogan Bob May 21, 2004
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Hey, I just taxed John's wallet and he didn't even notice!

Man, I was gone for a second and someoned taxed my calculator!
by Justin April 30, 2002
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The act of taking an extra hit during a rotation due to the lack of attention being paid by the next person in the circle. Never meant as an insult but rather to ensure that the rotation is kept up with strict order.
Take this blunt nigga or yo ass gonna get taxed.
by Ted Williams 420 April 26, 2007
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(British Origin) A chavy word which means stolen, or found.
"Arr mush, dat 50p iz taxed mush!"
by will and jak July 12, 2003
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Amount of weed/coke/etc. confiscated for personal use when acquiring weed/coke/etc. for a friend or acquaintance, without their knowledge and prior to delivery. Tax percentage inflates or deflates depending on relationship with said friend or acquaintance. NOTE: Not to be confused with a Kick Down, where said friend or acquaintance rewards your action as middle man with a percentage of the weed/coke/etc..
Dude, I taxed that bag I scored for Karen, and then she kicked me down like another gram on top of that!
by T O Double Dizzle May 20, 2007
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