acting like an animal or beast. acting crazy.
stop bein so animalistic!!
whats up with the animalistic behavior??
by jturk November 1, 2006
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when you're in bed with someone and you can see the pleasure in their eyes and you can tell how much they want and crave you.
"I had sex with my boyfriend last night and he seemed animalistic"

"damn, really? he must really want you!"
by misslillith March 7, 2014
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Someone who is against animal cruelty. Some one who is will always protect animals.
The animalists lined up in front of Town Hall today to fight for animal rights.
by The ERLS November 18, 2009
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Someone who assumes there animals gender or sexuality.
“That dogs is a homo” Justin said. “No stop being animalistic” John said.
by Loft-_- April 16, 2022
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An animal who believes that a particular animal is superior to another.
The dog was an animalist; he barked at anything that was not a dog.

The monkeys were animalists; they looked down upon the turtle and spat at it.
by Dr. Seemor Animalz October 14, 2016
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