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5 seconds of our life wasted while trying to watch the 11-hour version of Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Also is your excuse when caught watching something you shouldn't be seeing.
Mom: What are you watching?! You're only 13!

Me: It's an ad.

Mom: Oh. Carry on. Btw clean your room.
by Captain Lieutenant October 10, 2015
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May 8 Word of the Day
1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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AD is an abbreviation for "act dumb", this is when someone tries to act like he/she does not know what it going on despite the fact that they know well what is really happening. This is common among dumbasses who try to look cool and act gullible and dumb around girls
Ye Swan is such a fucking AD, he thinks he's so damn slick

What a fucking AD

Dude, stop trying to AD all the time man
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by Zephyr_1134 March 04, 2020
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A piece of advertising. At first it was called advertisement, afterwards advert, and now just ad. They are very common in the internet. They can be displayed as popups, popunders, banners, skyscrapers, text ads and in many other ways.
Some companies exploit them as adware - programs that advertise on the computer they are installed on. Normally the user doesn't know that they're installed until seeing the first ads. Although, most people avoid using such over-advertised products because they have no interest in supporting such companies that exploit adware.
Some web browsers, like Firefox, have the ability to have add-ons installed. Such add-ons include ad blockers like Adblock Plus, that help the user remove unwanted flash, text, picture, and whole frame ads. For other browsers, users can install additional software that remove ads.
John: "Help me! I can't get rid of all those ads!"
Jake: "Don't worry! I know some good ad blockers."

Webmaster: "Man, since I use that adware you wrote my site has lost visitors!"
H4cK3R: "1 ' ) l3 3 7 7 3 ® ® 3 /\/\ 0 \/\/ 3 17 !"
by Some completely other guy August 17, 2007
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Anno Domini, Latin for "in the year of our lord". AD marks the years after the birth of Jesus Christ.

For politically correct reasons, AD is being replaced by CE.
The year right now is 2004 CE! I mean... AD... freakin' Christians and their weird year systems!
by Urban Dictionary October 28, 2004
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Is an acronym for Anti-Depressant. AD, . ,
I just started using Lepraxo for AD.

by ZinZeal August 03, 2007
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Short for the too short-lived show Arrested Development formerly on Fox.
Did you see the scene on AD last night when Tobias was dressed as a giant mole attacking a small model city and George Michael showed up with the jetpack? That was classic.
by tacostacos November 22, 2005
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