5 seconds of our life wasted while trying to watch the 11-hour version of Pink Fluffy Unicorns. Also is your excuse when caught watching something you shouldn't be seeing.
Mom: What are you watching?! You're only 13!

Me: It's an ad.

Mom: Oh. Carry on. Btw clean your room.
by Captain Lieutenant October 10, 2015
The opposite of Ex, as applied to ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Derived from the Latin - Ex is From, Ad is Toward. Do your ad-girlfriend is the lass you've starting dating, but aren't ready to call your girlfriend.
I'm off out with the ad tonight - 3rd date, you know what that means!
by LeoTheLaugher March 8, 2018
A dumb advertisement to get apps or websites money
Ugh this stupid ad keeps coming up my phone
by ummmhello March 11, 2020
Girl with a very strong heart and please appreciate ad like me appreciate her -far
Ad are very beautiful!
Are you adriana cause you are my happy pills
by Fakeja November 27, 2019
A girl that constantly advertises herself with seductive photos on social media. An "Ad" will do this even in a relationship. They are rarely faithful but fun to be with.
Ashley is such an Ad.
by WilltheWise August 2, 2019
What ruins this site
Let go on urbandictionary no they have ads
by Qwerwerwqer October 27, 2011
A life sucking beast that comes before YouTube videos
Oh man those ads wanted me buy things I don't need thank god for the skip ad button!
by Potatosmileyface November 17, 2015