flirting, being ostentatious to attract member(s) of the opposite sex
where'd those girls go? i was really mackin' it to them
by Anonymous July 14, 2002
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when ur spitting game on this super fine girl
yo check out robert he be macking right now!
by slim rock May 20, 2011
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She is such a hoe, she only knew him an hour before macking with him.
by ~*~Starlight~*~ August 5, 2003
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Here it is, to straighten it out for the non-mackers (symps)

A mack is a man who can woo a female of the opposite sex with his seductive actions and domineering manner. As a tribute to his skills, the woman will often do whatever he likes. This includes actions such as paying for meals and even rent.
I got that woman sprung man! I was a straight macking and she even paid my December rent. We are going to Friday's tonight, I'm eating steak tonight!
by Mackoftheyear December 22, 2009
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to hang out or chill.
person 1-hey, what are you doing?

person 2-nothing much, just macking
by oready_mackin June 8, 2011
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Jeff: Where did u go yesterday?
Zakkerias: o we went to the parking lot and we started macking
by Boulder Omen April 11, 2005
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