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Basketball sneakers made by Nike in 1982, but re-released in the 90's because everyone wanted to buy a new pair. To this day, they are the most popular basketball shoes on the planet: nike spends no money advertising air force ones, yet the amount of air force ones sold IN A MONTH is equal to the amount of ALL of the air jordans PUT TOGETHER sold in a year.
this was talked about in the movie, Just for Kicks.
Low-top air force ones are also very popular as fashion sneakers, because the shoe has a clean, classic design, and the all-white low tops or all-black low tops can be had for $80 a pair, and several sneaker customizers, including famous graffiti artists like STASH and futura2000, use the air force one sneakers as a blank canvas to design new things.

also referred to as uptowns, G-Nikes, nike airs, uppies, harlems, baltimores, forces, and air forces, etc.
person 1 - Man, when did you get those new air force ones?

person 2 - i went out to the bay, HUF San Francisco did a collabo with nike and i thought they looked fresh.

person 1 - word dude, i wish i could afford nikes the way you sneakerhead niggas can!


Uptowns, we call 'em uppies when they on divas
prolly worn when KRS-One teaches
Nas, made you look before the haters
i bet you Kan had 'em on when he walked with jesus
- Rakim in Classic (Better than I've Ever Been) made to celebrate 25 years of the Air Force Ones.
by B!0hzrd June 07, 2007
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A shoe mostly worn by people who listen to hip hop or is urban. Nelly rapped a song about them in his song with his Lunatics in "Air Force Ones". They come in many colors, and costs about 100 dollars.
Air force ones is a shoe. This isn't really an example but OH WELL.
by m e July 17, 2003
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A female is riding a male until he orgasms, subsequently the male informs the female he is done by dramatically expressing the phrase "Get off my plane!" and throws her off the bed.
I felt our sex life was missing a bit of drama, so I pulled an Air Force One last night. While she thought it was funny, she told me that if I did it again I would have a better chance of having sex with Harrison Ford than her.
by newfaceonjimmy January 31, 2010
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Usually a high top trainer made by nike a very hot pair of kickz right now many playas will be seen kickin it in a custom pair
yo playa dey is some tight air force ones
by mitch November 19, 2003
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What Nelly calls "Err-Ferce-Werns"
It's getting hot in Err-ferce-werns.
by Sanias March 16, 2004
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Any United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President on board is considered Air Force One. Likewise, any Navy or USMC aircraft carrying the President is Navy One or Marine One, respectively.
Air Force One doesn't have to one of the members of the USAF's Boeing 747 fleet.
by Victor February 03, 2005
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