Lynn is a beautiful women and whenever she wants to do something, she will do it to the best of her ability. She is honestly one of the best people you will ever meet. Never get on her bad side and always respect her and she'll respect you. She's so caring and kind it's unbelievable. Just looking at lynn will put a smile on her your face because that's the vibe she spreads. If you make her mad, don't give up because lynn is always forgiving for mainly everything. Unless you totally fuck up, lynn will never leave your side, so if you meet a lynn, cherish her and don't hurt her. She wants the best for you
omg that girl is like perfect who is that?

oh her... that's lynn
by Ralphie Antonio H November 2, 2019
A male or female human best known for intelligence and attractiveness. They form lasting bonds with other people, and will defend friends and family to the end. Never get on their bad side, enough said
Oh Lynn is one sweet person, but NEVER piss 'em off
by Sebrina 14 December 20, 2016
One being with complete and utter intelligence, modesty, beauty, and self worth!
by LJP February 26, 2005
Noun: A woman to be loved, and treasured! Someone that brings total bliss to your life! A very honest, loyal, and trustworthy person!
Verb: A woman who sets your mind on fire! Someone that blows your mind!
It wasn't till I had a Lynn in my life that it gave true meaning!
Till I met Lynn, I was bored and unhappy!
by P February 26, 2005
One of the most amazing people to walk this earth. They have amazing hair and are beautiful beyond belief. If you see or know one you have just witnessed and angel...
OMG...a Lynn just entered the room.... wow!!
by QbnWaffle February 10, 2009
gorgeous woman with impressive body and mind, extremely hot, somebody who`s self-confident and precious like nobody else, in other words a real mamacita
hey did ya see that girl standing there? she`s so lynn!!
by jonnysexyboy June 26, 2009