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Moya is an awesome girl who is very laid back. You can tell her anything,she's very open . She doesn't judge. She's not like other girls, she cares for others with out a second thought. She is an awesome girlfriend ,who would do anything to make her man happy. If she's ever yours , consider yourself lucky.
She made her boyfriend soup when she was sick, that was such a Moya move
by Skylar Smith February 17, 2013
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She is a beautiful girl with a big personality, she is cute and kind. She has a short temper and will act mean but she is a very nice, smart, and pretty girl. You are lucky if you ever have a girl like Moya
Moya is so nice and pretty I can be her's I must be dreaming right now.
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by JaytheMyth_ May 24, 2019
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Acronym for "Medieval On Your Ass." Originally taken from the famous Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, the shortened version - "MOYA" - is used by a popular online t-shirt shop, MOYA Tees.
"Don't mess with me. I'll go MOYA!"
by Potala February 09, 2010
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In sudani arabic,moya means water
"Ana dayra moya"
Which translates to "I want water"
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by Thevoiceofmeh March 18, 2019
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This is the Spanish word (from Spain) for Ni@@er (profanity)for a black person (regardless of what country they come from).
Though many Latinos now use this word to refer to Black Americans in a derogatory way it was originally used by the Spanish against their dark or black ancestors. It is not used to describe a Latino who doesn't speak Spanish. Por favor.
and fyi Puerto Ricans, Dominicans,Cubans (Caribe.Latinos) already speak ebonics in Spanish it is called Bozal.
Yo pense que Linda era Italiana, pero es moya.

I thought Linda was Italian, but she is Black (derogatory).
by 3menda May 17, 2008
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It is a star wars word, used rarely by KLIGONS .
by BOSS =P December 20, 2017
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