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Man, that Pepsi Si just gave me +15 hp.
by Rza March 22, 2005
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game similar to shootin dice
-3 die are use
- c-low is 3,4,5
- only triples beet c-low ex. 4,4,4
- 1,2,3 your out of the game
-try to roll doubles 2,2,5 :your score is 5/ 4,4,6 your score is 6
-person with the highest score wins the pot
-can bet with anything ex. razor blades, cigs, dollars etc
we were rippin bowls and playin c-low
by Rza March 20, 2005
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a well sanded wooden board with a penis sized hole for masturbatory delight!
I got no play last night, so I went home and used the dutch uncle.
by Rza August 14, 2004
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