The act of going to the bathroom to pee, poop, and masturbate. Related to popsterbating
by PaulieD99 August 4, 2014
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When two people who are not in a romantic relationship engage in sexual intercourse on one occasion and don't develop a serious relationship after.
We ended up just having a 1,2,3. I don't see us being in a serious relationship soon
by Heyitsj000 March 3, 2019
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1,2,3 Yoghurt is a definition of Premature Ejaculation which effects one in 3 men, Altho commonly thought to be highly embarasing 1,2,3 Yoghurt has bought a sense of comedy to the failure to pleasure the woman for the required time.
Dave - "I saw you leave with that girl last night..Talk"

Dan - "Yes mate, she was fit as"

Dave - "You Drain it?"

Dan - "Ofc mate, not 4 long tho, proper 1,2,3 yoghurt "

Dave - "Another notch tho ay?"
by Oh Gav! April 27, 2009
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A guy or female who wants everything to come easy like 1 2 3 , or wants everything to go their way
A 1,2,3 ass nigga be like :“Nah don’t hmu , 123 ass nigga “
“Don’t be a 123 ass nigga if you tryna Kik it
by Honestowl777 February 12, 2021
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When referring to Australian slang, don't be boring. Use Aussie 1,2, and 3 instead of a person.
Aussie 1: AUSTRALIA!
Aussie 2: shut up wanker
Aussie 3: Bloody oath Aussie 2!

Aussie 1: we are so cool for using Aussie 1,2,3
by Stabbingcheetah87 May 31, 2022
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