the quickness governs all. high ruler in the land of belchum. the quickness does things, but is NOT used. The quickness only takes visible form when executing someone, and that is when it takes the form of a giant hand with a protruding pointer finger. Acceptable answer for any question who's other acceptibal answer you do not know. The quickness shall always be obeyed.
dude..... quickness.

fa sho
by LA LA LA LA LA LA LA July 28, 2004
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sarcastic name for someone who has just done or said something very stupid
Kyle: (accidentaly locks keys and baby in car)
Ross: "way to go quickness"
Kyle: "shutup"

also see quick shit
by Ross March 27, 2004
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To do something in a quick or fast manner. It is the sole mission of Speedy Gonzales...
The police were chasing me so I ran with the quickness.
by AntMuscle April 7, 2006
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adjective, doing something fast or in need to do something fast.
Say Joe, if dude wanna make that paper, he betta get here with the quickness.
by doughnigga July 17, 2006
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A phrase/suffix added at the end of sentences to imply the severe urgency of a situation. It can also be added to suggest the high speed of which an action is completed.

The house was on fire so Nate had to jump off the roof with the quickness.

Sandy was 30 minutes late for work, so she had to get dressed with the quickness.

Jason: DAAAAAYUM...You see that broad right there??
Keith: Yeah...she got cakes for days...
Jason: Yo, you need to scoop her up...with the quickness.
by Anubikai June 1, 2006
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i'ma go grab some hoes on the quicks
by SamQ. August 18, 2010
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