A state of complete intoxication or tiredness which leads to an inability to perform even the simplest of everyday tasks.
Gawee was absolutely out of the game last night.
by Henrick Herring August 6, 2006
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To be iced, killed
To have one's life taken away..
Ya'll ain't goin' be Taken out of tha game just like that now.. You KNOW his homies gonna HAVE some serious-bidness repercushins!..
by Gabe Maranos September 4, 2006
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how ya feelin man? dude, i'm totally out the game.
by tburch March 12, 2005
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To be very high on, or impaired by, a smokable substance. Often times a person this high displays comical behaviour and is obviously "smoked out the game."
Q: "Why is that tweaker stealing all those garden gnomes?"
A: "He's smoked out the game."
by OxTxTxO December 23, 2008
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The action when, during intercourse, the male takes out his penis of the woman before ejaculation, this is used as a form of birth control.
The pull-out game can also be described as weak or strong depending on how good the male is at pulling out at the right time
"Have you been gettin' any lately?" "Yeah, my pull-out game strong though, I don't want no damned children."
by TheMagicalNoodle January 7, 2018
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a game that many middle schoolers play. you choke yourself or have someone else choke you, and you get high off of it apparently. you can also die. mostly for idiots or people who are bored and have to much time on their hands.
"megan, wanna go play the pass out game?!"
"yeah! you grab the rope, i'll get choked first!"
by s@r@4lyf3 January 26, 2009
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