Adj. Dead. Turn the Pepsi logo upside down and it reads as "isded". Has become synonymous with "dieded" on 9gag.
After witnessing a horrific car crash video, many commenters asked, "Pepsi?"
by PCNewInTown May 20, 2021
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The main substitute for coke... both spend tens of millions of dollars on advertising a year and the effect is...
Customer: can i have a can of coke please?

Barman: sorry mate, only got Pepsi

Customer: that'll do!
by pat August 26, 2003
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A black carbonated beverage (soda). It's delicious and tasty.

Slang for speed(amphetamine, Ethylamphetamine). Often used for studying.
Steve: Can I have a Pepsi?

Josh: Sure!

Steve: You got any Pepsi?

Walter: Sure!
by HawaiianPunch1 July 14, 2021
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When you say you're getting a beverage but really you alt + f4 everything including your pc
Aaron: I'm gonna get a pepsi *alt f4s everything*
Other people: oh for fuck sake he's gone for a pepsi
Aaron: *types "Fuck sake my pc is hot shit"*
by DF NERFS DID DIDDLY SQUAT January 17, 2019
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Quebec, Canada, slang for French-Canadian. Based on Pepsi's early marketing as a cheap substitute for Coke. Early jingle: "Pepsi-Cola hits the spot/Twelve full ounces, that's a lot (Coke had 7 ounces)/Twice as much for a nickel, too/Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you". The slur was that French-Canadians were also cheap imitations.
"These two Pepsis go into a bar..."
by Barry March 31, 2005
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Pepsi doesn't have enough Pep, it has more 'Si' also known as Coke's codename, if it weren't for Pep there would be only be 'Si'. Wage the war on Coke my Pepsi brothers, now grab a Pepsi filled with bullets and kill those Coke lovers! WE WILL KILL THEM ALL!
Coke Fan: You like Pepsi? I like Coke Cola.

Pepsi Fan: Now you must die. *pulls out pepsi can loaded with bullets*
Coke Fan: WHAT THE FU- *explodes into a puddle of pepsi*
Pepsi Fan: The Coke fan has shot and killed, preparing for the Great Soda War.
by Lebron Tran March 26, 2018
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