the australian word for trailer trash/white trash unclassy women. On rare occassions used as a condensed nickname for someone named Sharon, but most of the time, its a descriptive term, to warn others of trashy women in the vicinity.
guy: this chick, she would've been a good catch except for one thing...

friend: she was a bit of a Shazza?

guy: yeh.

*The masculine version of this name is Bazza- obviously a nick name for Barry, but more commonly used for describing Shazza's inbred partner.
by #2 December 20, 2003
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another name for a person called 'sharon'. commonly used in Australia.
shazza, damn dingo stole me baby
by ..::BC::.. February 20, 2003
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likes drinking, smoking and being loud in public places. Sex is almost compulsory by the age of 14 and a baby is this girls favourite toy by the time she gets to 19. Female form of rudeboy
"yo that girl is a proper shazzer"
by ben ross January 5, 2004
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A nickname given to Australian women with the forename Sharon. Though can refer to Bogan woman or woman of poor breeding in general.
Shazzas are typified by a penchant for winfield blue cigarettes and low grade alcohol. Other indicators are a broad australian accent with poor english, and excessive use of expletives especially when addressing their children Rayelene and Craig at the supermarket.
Marlene is such a shazza.
She looks completly shazzed up.
She used to be hot now shes just a shazza.
'Shazza get me another bloody beer from the fridge!'
by Rikrak January 12, 2007
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A very nice, well mannered, lovely, homely woman! Heart of gold and likes to share
Myself you donkey
by Sharon May 19, 2004
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Girl from the south/ south east of england that wears sports clothes and burbary as well as extremely large hoop earings. These girls always reek of drink and fags and are always up for it, although shagging them is unadvisabl due to the high chance of catching aids or a similiar std. Their boyfriends are always pikeys.
I fucking hate shazzas and pikeys, i which they would all fucking die
by Terraboldi August 10, 2003
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this word is most commonly associated with cocaine in the northern suburbs of johannesburg... when times are tough and the boyos don’t deliver, shaz is always there for you. this drug is usually a sporadic occurance, a great mix with friends and family. The word was designed by Edward Shazza and the results are clear to see. When times are tough , people turn to this drug as a means to an end.
Claig, where is the Shazza”
Call the guy, we need the Shaz”
“3,4 or 5 Hundo Boyos?”
by John Rhino October 14, 2018
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