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the australian word for trailer trash/white trash unclassy women. On rare occassions used as a condensed nickname for someone named Sharon, but most of the time, its a descriptive term, to warn others of trashy women in the vicinity.
guy: this chick, she would've been a good catch except for one thing...

friend: she was a bit of a Shazza?

guy: yeh.

*The masculine version of this name is Bazza- obviously a nick name for Barry, but more commonly used for describing Shazza's inbred partner.
by #2 December 20, 2003
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Australian slang, short for Sharon, commonly associated with 'westies' (West Sydney) or country girls.
Shazza is normally the girlfriend to Dazza (Daren); has 5 or more kids and spends all her dole at the pub on the pokies.
Aye Shazza get me a beer!
Oh my god she is such a shazza! go the mullet lol.

by skippy.du August 02, 2006
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likes drinking, smoking and being loud in public places. Sex is almost compulsory by the age of 14 and a baby is this girls favourite toy by the time she gets to 19. Female form of rudeboy
"yo that girl is a proper shazzer"
by ben ross January 05, 2004
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A nickname given to Australian women with the forename Sharon. Though can refer to Bogan woman or woman of poor breeding in general.
Shazzas are typified by a penchant for winfield blue cigarettes and low grade alcohol. Other indicators are a broad australian accent with poor english, and excessive use of expletives especially when addressing their children Rayelene and Craig at the supermarket.
Marlene is such a shazza.
She looks completly shazzed up.
She used to be hot now shes just a shazza.
'Shazza get me another bloody beer from the fridge!'
by Rikrak January 12, 2007
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another name for a person called 'sharon'. commonly used in Australia.
shazza, damn dingo stole me baby
by ..::BC::.. February 19, 2003
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A very nice, well mannered, lovely, homely woman! Heart of gold and likes to share
Myself you donkey
by Sharon May 19, 2004
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A girl whose full name is Shannon but everyone calls her shazza because she's got a big dick
Oiiii look it's shazza
Yeah shazza!!
by Yeeeeeettttt83736e728 July 25, 2018
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