idiots alternative to the appropriate spelling of disgusting
maureen: thats discusting !
me: your spelling is disgusting !
by maddguy January 14, 2008
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Max couldn't spell disgusting, so he said discusting!
by Gritz September 27, 2006
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You will use this in times when u are pretending to be young.
by gaymanrobloxgaymer September 3, 2019
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1. (noun) A news story that you feel compelled to share with your friends, especially one that is funny and/or gross.

2. (adj.) The most outrageous story you heard in a given period of time.

3. (noun) A news parody written to intentionally mimic an actual example of 1 or 2.
"Did you see the discust about the panda eating her baby?"

"The discust of the week had to be that story about about the Chinese dude who pretended to be talking the guy out of jumping off the bridge, but pushed him instead."

"I thought the panda story was real, but it was just another discust."
by bbarrie May 29, 2009
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Having a conversation about how gross something is
Mel "I can't tell who's house is more disgusting - her's or her son's!"
Max "It's worth discusting."
by Eli Banai November 18, 2017
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To be filthy awesome, Overly Perfect, ina a good way.
"Did You See That Car? That was Discuting!"

"Oh Man This Cake is Discusting It's So Good!"
by Starified August 24, 2008
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This is used in a video where 2 children were filming a youtube video together and their mom comes in yelling ‘WHY DOES SOMEBODY NOT KNOW HOW TO FLUSH THE TOILET AFTER A SHIT’ they proceeded to decline who did it and the mom says ‘WELL IT WAS FOOKING ONE OF YUS DISGUSTING!!!

Source: ‘who forgot to flush the toilet after a shit’ on app youtube.
Girl 1: We gonna send Shurloid by Shurloid or Rebecca jean.
Girl 2: *nods head*
Girl 1: And don't forgot all the trouble we got into!
Mom: Why did somebody forgot to flush the toilet after they’ve had a shit?!
Girl 2: It was not me!
Mom: Well it was fooking one of yus, DISCUSTING!!!
*awkward silence*
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