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Aphrodite a Greek name belonged to the beautiful Goddess of love and fertility. A woman of uncontrollable desire.
No words could describe how Aphrodite looks like nude. Her angelic flawless beauty captivates you as she lures you into her web of sexual fantasy which occurs mainly in her domain the boudoir. She's attracted to creative men and engages with them as their inspirer. Aphrodite admires tall, dark masculine men who serenade her with their amazing musical talents. Aphrodite is never a victim of a mans unwanted passion for her, the desires were mutual. No man can resist the Goddess of love and sexuality. Younger men are the most vulnerable and she uses her maturity to teach and guide them into her passion. Her knowledge is astonishing when it comes to love and sexual practices leaving her men
wanting more and more. Spending time with her is priceless and Aphrodite will always make you feel like a God. A very tranquil and composed woman always arousing every living cell in your body. Her beauty is immortal and I would love to sleep with her forever holding her in my arms. I must mention she has a few flaws that can be overlooked, she she likes to drink milk straight from the carton first thing in the morning, she's addicted to salted nuts, she drinks coconut water all day long, she washes her hair with coconut water. She has OCD where hygiene is concerned and refuses to make love to men when they've eaten garlic, onion or curry.
Aphrodite and Venus are best friends, they're inseparable
by Goddess/Sorceress August 14, 2017
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Aphrodite (Venus) rose full grown from the foam of the sea.
Aphrodite is the wife of Hephaestus (Vulcan) and the goddess of love.
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ August 04, 2010
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1. Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Grace, Sex, Attraction, Sexual rapture, Desire, Seduction, Pleasure & Happiness. 2. A woman of superior charms or excellence. 3. A woman whose great charm or beauty arouses great adoration. 4. A woman of extraordinary beauty, grace, appeal. 5. A greatly admired or adored woman. 6. A woman of extraordinary lure. 7. A woman whose beauty, charm, wile, inspires great affinity.
Jenna Jamerson is the embodiment of Aphrodite, for many men today.
by Robbie Amorous July 24, 2005
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aphrodite, the goddess of love, sexuality, pleasure, beauty, and procreation, is a deity from the greek pantheon.

her parents are suspected to be either zeus and dione or uranus's severed genitals. she has many children and consorts, some of which are:

consorts ares, hephaestus, hermes,

dionysus, and adonis.

children: eros, harmonia, phobos and

deimos, eryx, and priapus.

some of her symbols are: a girdle, a mirror, a pearl, doves, myrtles, sparrows, swans, dolphins, scallop shells, and roses.

her roman equivalent is venus, her mespotamian equivalent is inanna/ishtar, and her canannite equivilant is astarte.
bob: what's that goddess of sex that the greeks worshipped?
joe: bro, don't you mean aphrodite? goddess of love and sexuality?
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by juliiee August 17, 2018
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greek goddess of love, sex, & other cool stuff
Every woman has a piece of Aphrodite
Copulate to create a state of sexual light
Kissin' her virginity, my affinity
I mingle with the gods,
I mingle with divinity

-Blood Sugar Sex Magik, RHCP
by chargedallure July 12, 2008
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