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agiyut ta man
by Roger October 22, 2003
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A person who pretends to be good at every game, but will only show proof if he has practice.Owned by aesop on a regular basis.
Brickwall claims to have beaten people on several imaginary deagle_maps.
by Roger November 19, 2003
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word known around in states such new york, new jersey, and very little in Pennsylvania. means to be full of lots of stories, some being real but the majority fake. word also found in the dictionary next to bull shitter and liar and if you don't believe it then go look for yourself.
briggsy jinxed the axeman leaving philly by buying his hat
by Roger March 02, 2005
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the word codacious means faggish, gay, quier, and all other words in that category.
The word was derived from a man named Cody. Thus the word codacious
Sara is very codacious.
by Roger November 09, 2004
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A great country, one of the best countries to live in.

Who cares about who is better. The United States and Canada are both great countries. Anyone who uses those stupid stereotypes should be taken out in the street and shot at.
The whole Canada vs. America shit is stupid, get a life.
by Roger September 03, 2003
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To leave, retreat in haste. To move out quickly.
"The enemy was closing in fast on the hot landing zone so we had to cut a choagie before we were caught without cover"
by Roger August 27, 2003
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