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A great country, one of the best countries to live in.

Who cares about who is better. The United States and Canada are both great countries. Anyone who uses those stupid stereotypes should be taken out in the street and shot at.
The whole Canada vs. America shit is stupid, get a life.
by Roger September 03, 2003

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A volunteer branch of the United States Armed Services who historically have protected, are protecting and will continue to protect the freedom and rights of all Americans. The same brave men and women who help to uphold the first amendment right that allows us various freedoms, such as the freedom to submit slang terms to this site.
"The duty of the United States Marine Corps is to uphold the freedoms that all Americans enjoy."
by Roger August 27, 2003

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adj.,to be unreliable, and/or absent-minded, flighty, fickle. Generally unresponsible.
Bob said he'd bring beer and instead he invited his friends who brought no beer.And he used to be into punk and now he likes disco. Dude is totally flakey.
by roger February 05, 2004

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Outstanding guitarist accomplished in numerous styles ranging from classical to the heaviest metal this side of Tony Iommi. One of the premier guitarists of today. Fiercely loyal to friends, bandmates and fans. Does not suffer fools or assholes well. Big supporter of the Red, White and Blue. Big believer in living by a code of honor. As honest as the day is long. If you don't think you want to know his answer, you best not ask the question. A rock & roll classic.
If you want to hear straight ahead heavy music that does not follow another's lead, dial up some Zakk Wylde.
by Roger January 31, 2005

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King of roms;
Pope of Emulation;
Midas netal;
An individual with high intelect and linguistic skills.
Reirom speak only regulated in the logic and grownded in the reason
by Roger February 16, 2004

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v. to crash into and/or over a driver's side door(of a vehicle) while riding your bike. A painful biking experience
where two conflicting world-views collide.
What happened to your face?!
I was riding down first and some fucking yuppie got out of their beamer without looking and I got doored and did a face plant. Fuck!
by roger February 03, 2004

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A form of punishment that teachers give to there students because they are too bored to do an in class assignment!
My teachers are so mean, they gave me all this homework!
by Roger March 10, 2005

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