No matter whether it’s a high shool bus or the NYC subway, you encounter all types of people BUT the ones you want to meet on the bus. A bus is the thing you get on if you want to be in the same vacinity as someone who’s got the flu, people who won’t shut up about that one thing about that one person, the weirdos who are only there to terrorize others, you name it..they’re on a bus somewhere.
by AsheIsALoser1 January 4, 2019
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A girl that has been with so many guys, that seemingly any man can get a ride.
Hey man, its your turn for a ride on the bus
by Mike Clayton February 11, 2007
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Yeah, we threw his ass in the back of the buss and hauled ass to the Hospital
by Ali T April 28, 2003
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Hawaiian term for messed up, drunk, broke down.
Kawakia: "Eh brah you all bus already?!?!?" ("Hey dude, are you drunk already?")
Kaulana: "Ho, I already have like 4 shots an 2 beers." ("Man I've already had like 4 shots and 2 beers.")

Kaipo: "My auntie make me ride da bus home brah." ("my aunts making me ride the bus home.")
Palaina:"Haha, brah the bus all bus, good luck." ("haha, dude the bus is all messed up, good luck with that.")
by Kawika87 October 31, 2008
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A person who cockblocks you out of jealousy. This term is derived from the difficulty experienced when trying to text your girlfriend from the back of a bus. The back of the bus is well known for being very bumpy, therefore screwing up anything you are trying to write.
Guy: I lpbe ypu <2
Girl: What?
Guy: Sorry, I'm on a bus.
Girl: Awww :(

Patrick: Did you see what Bob did last night? Sandy and I were about to make out and then he totally cock blocked me!
Larry: Why would he do that?
Patrick: He's probably jealous or something.
Larry: What a bus!
by Errrock December 20, 2011
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Also more formally known as a "peasant wagon", these elongated vehicles transport the lower classes to set destinations via a pre-determined route. Such peasants join this "bus" at their stop and leave when they are nearer their destination.

It's believed that many use this as they cannot afford their own car let alone a driver, ah-ha.
Peasant 1: Look it's a bus
Peasant 2: Erm, oh erm yeah, bus, init!
Peasant 1: Yo bus, stop.
by elmarkoTROLL May 10, 2011
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(adj) a concept that is garbled, disorganized and pretentious, usually used to describe a literary work that you would like to throw against the wall out of sheer frustration
Damn, Michael Pollan's metaphors make me want to punch a baby seal. "Omnivore's Dilemma" is some bus shit.
by Sopralto March 7, 2011
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