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Someone who is always late, meaning they are constantly steeling other people's time and wasting other people's lives.
You're five hours late! That's five hours of my life I'm never getting back you timethief!
by Rikstir July 12, 2015
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Millennial is an alternative name for Generation Y.

A generation is generally agreed to be about twenty years: Baby Boomers (40s & 50s), Generation X (60s & 70s), Millennials (80s & 90s), Generation Z (00s & 10s).

The three main defining attributes that Millennials have, seem to be: firstly that they have grown up taking technology for granted, secondly that they have grown up in a world where there are no consequences for bad behavior and thirdly that they have been told they can do whatever they like in the world as there are no winners or losers.

The former meaning that they are first generation who spend more time inside than outside doing something constructive. Advancements in entertainment technology and (half arsed lazy parenting from Generation X parents) has meant Millennials have grown up in bedrooms with their own TVs, stereos, laptops and game consuls. this has made the threat of "I'll send you to your room" moot, as there is no place the Millennial would rather be.

The later is more serious; due to the continual growth and proliferation of the ridiculous concept of "Politically Correct", Millennials have grown up; not being spanked at home (in most cases), not receiving any real punishment at school and even in the criminal justice system receiving derisory sentences.

The last has created a generation of "Special Little Snowflakes", who seem to think they can do what ever they want and are prone to tantrums if they don't get their own way. university.
I see the Millennials are crying about Brexit, a bit rich considering most of them didn't even bother to vote.
by Rikstir May 4, 2017
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A TV programme (in the UK usually made by The BBC or Channel 4), that presents itself as a factual and impartial, educational piece, but in fact is an agenda driven piece of political propaganda created to convince the population that lies are the truth and that the truth is a lie; usually by creating a false flag threat that doesn't actually exist, that will keep the population looking in the wrong direction, or by glorifying faux revolutionary movements,that will keep the population chasing shadows.
I though It's was going to be interesting, but it was just a propagandamentary.
by Rikstir July 18, 2019
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The Society of The Lowest Common Denominator is a term I invented for the end result of Socialism and Politically Correct Pseudo Interllectual Fascism. It describes a society where everyone is condemed to the level of the slowest, weakest, most interlectually inadiquate and emotionally crippled.
You can't give an honest opinion on fedd back forms in case someone is offended? Talk about the society of the lowest common denominator!
by Rikstir October 28, 2013
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Jank means, shit, useless, superfluous or crap.
This car is Jank, it 's broken down again!
by Rikstir May 24, 2017
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Left Wing political policies or ideas that are utterly ridiculous and absurd to the point that only a lunatic could possibly think they were in any way valid.
Labour had no chance of getting elected under Kinock, he was from the Loony Left.
by Rikstir July 28, 2015
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Woman whos only purpose is to breed, also known as a Baby Factory.
She's just a Gestation Unit, a burden on society.
by Rikstir January 3, 2013
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