When the flattys are busting up and you get on the water with a couple of blokes once you have hit the all male brothel and fucked 3 men. You cast out some whole chook dogs to burley up the water a bit, whole chooks get the big dogs, 2.8s and 3 meterys.
Fuck do you see the blokes on blokes over near the flatty hole? Yeah mate get the dogs.
by MrMan4Life June 4, 2020
You stupid americans are all wrong. Bloke is simply a British slang term for 'man/guy', with perhaps slight connotations of masculinity, and used only in an informal setting. Unlike 'guy' it is not normally used vocatively, as in 'hey you blokes'.
'I met this bloke in town who told me to stop wasting my time on the internet...'
by zimo August 15, 2004
The Mixture of Baked&Blown , The act of smoking massive amounts of stanky stank, being so high your to the point of Feeling drunk off your ass
" Ahhhhh Man Im SO BLOKED"
by Perrrdizzel May 12, 2005
Bloke: an informal English word for man, similar to chap, guy, feller/fella/fellow,geezer.
Often thought of as an Australian word as it is commonly used over there. The Aussie Bloke is a stereotype of a typical Australian Man, i.e. loves sport, beer, bbq's.
It's used in UK and Aus. in the same way guy and dude are used in America

According to a local newspaper in the Midlands, the word originated in the Black country (an area near Birmingham, UK), but I'm really not sure how much truth is in that!
'Look at that fat bloke over there!'
'Right, what are you blokes drinking?'
by D7 October 29, 2006
British slang term referring to a male. It is a stereotype of a male - the 'man's man'.
I met a bloke in the pub who give me a great tip for the gee gees.
by aj phythian January 17, 2004