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An annoying internet Troll who hides behind many anonymous fake avatars, otherwise known as the invisible copy & paste buffoon. She seems to think everyone else is wrong and she alone is right but first she has to run a Google search so she doesn't sound like she doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. After all she has to keep face in the community. Definitely an old dried up wrinkled faced woman, who's days of youth are gone and now waste her time trying to compete with women half her age. Just randomly name any country in the world and she'll tell you she visited or vacationed there too. Yet everyone already realizes she doesn't know shit.
by xena777 June 12, 2011
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Someone who is always late, meaning they are constantly steeling other people's time and wasting other people's lives.
You're five hours late! That's five hours of my life I'm never getting back you timethief!
by Rikstir July 31, 2015
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From sales: Someone who will call, email, text, and then call again to determine the parameters of your product or service, only to pick it apart, find the problems and challenges with it, and even go as far as find online complaints about you, your product, or your service...all the while never really intending to close real business with you.

This individual will likely want to schedule conference calls, meetings, or other circle jerk media to ensure even MORE of their friends can hear or see you flop around on the pier like a fish out of water.

Best strategy - DELETE BUTTON!!!
"Hey Tim - Mrs. Jones just called..." "Yeah - I know - she's a total timethief"

See also: time waster, schlub, schmuck, poor execution
by closer1234 October 15, 2011
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Someone who takes up your time with pointless explanations or anecdotes.
When asking a collegue a yes/no question, he replied with a 45 minute response. Not only that but he sent a follow up email later that day and when I didn't reply once again accosted me with with his response (which still didn't answer the question). My collegue is a time thief as he took more than an hour of my time.
by happykat October 14, 2009
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The act of annoying someone with pointless conversation, and purposely using up their time.
Usually for the fun or sport of it.
Dude you're being a freaking timethief i have stuff to do.
by TYLER630 May 18, 2008
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1. one who takes an extra 15 minutes for their lunch. every day.

2. a person (or persons) who comes back late from meetings even though they were round the corner and the meeting was cancelled.
theres a guy in my office who takes the fucking piss constantly. the other day he went to meet a client in the morning and didnt come back until the afternoon with some shyte excuse about train delays and the food taking 'ages'. the fucking time thief.
by toiletgraffiti March 16, 2005
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