Having no evident ties or support for any political party, event or system. Lacking interest in or desire for politics.
Bill: Hey dude when are they going to elect the new President?
Ted: What? Is there an election?
Bill: Yeah, you might have heard it on the news, all the drama between Obama and Clinton?
Ted: Who?
Bill: Nevermind I forgot you were completely apolitical.
by Rooks June 30, 2008
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A person with absolutely no interest whatsoever in politics. Often a person who thinks politics is absolutely useless and gets nobody anywhere.
Apolitical Mullin: "Political the potical the patical. Left, right, upside down Who cares!"
by Sanho Mullin May 25, 2019
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one-word summary for “I don’t give a shit
person A: Hey, what are your views on politics?

person B: Oh, I’m more or less apolitical. I believe there are more pressing issues than what those mudslinging politicians squabble over on TV daily.

person C: That pretty much translates to “I prefer American Idol over CNN.”
by Bored_to_tears September 22, 2010
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Being 'apolitical' isn't about not taking sides. It's about being politically-illiterate.
- Obama or McCain?
- McCain for sure. I prefer fries to exotic ethnic dishes.
- Damn! You're fucking apolitical, man.
by UFB January 31, 2011
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A person who doesn't give a shit about the poor and the suffering world around them and would rather entertain themselves with their own greed and selfishness!
Democrat: We have to impeach Trump otherwise the USA will suffer severely and thousands will die. I MEAN IT!
Apolitical Dude: Who gives a shit? I would much rather look at my football and basketball than care about people dying...
Democrat: You're an apolitical asshole!
by TERCELNYHUSSLA June 1, 2019
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A healthy individual who values his/hers sanity.
Political Virgin: oMg LefTisTs RuInEd My MorNing!!
Apolitical Chad: How about you get 'right' out and get some bitches?
by idk6000 June 13, 2022
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a person who is apolitical or someone who doesn't care about politics, the country's future, etc. but he/she does care about someone's future.
guy 1: wow, this coutry is doomed, they literally voted without thinking or checking their backgrounds.
guy 2: they're stupid man
guy 1: fck this country and the politics, i don't care about their future, ofc, except for my GF's future and my family
guy 2: wow, you're a Sympathetic Apolitical
by The Casa May 30, 2022
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