An immediate invitation for you to make out with the person who said the phrase.
Girl :*says stupid joke about guy*

Guy: oh shut up lol

Girl: make me

Guy: oh shit
by Blurryfaceparade November 22, 2017
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Girls Secret code for

Fuck the hell outta me until I can't walk straight
Daddy, come over and make me tonight until the sun rises
by Girlfacts69 May 6, 2016
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Females usual say this when they want sex. It Is used in a very sarcastic Type of way.
Boy: can you shut up lol.
Girl: Make me!
by Dictionary Editor May 20, 2019
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What a bottom says to their top/dom when they 1:doesn't think 2: wants to get pinned down or 3: is a brat and wants to get attention and/or annoy the top/dom

If u say "make me" to a top it's bad but if u say it to a dom it's a 1000 times worse
Top/dom: haha, stfu(or basically telling you to do something)

Brat/bottom: Make me.

Top/dom: you really shouldn't have said that...*evil smile*
by HejHejHALLÅ March 26, 2020
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When a guy says this it mean "pin me agenst the wall, or kiss me and make me shut up, it could also mean they just want your attention. UwU
Boy make me

Girl *pins me agenst wall*
by Yourlocalpankid February 12, 2020
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Girls secret code for Fuck me for hours and hours
“Girlfriend teasing her boyfriend”
Boyfriend:Shut up.
Girlfriend:Make me Daddy.
The Boyfriend becomes hard” and says:I will, even tho you won’t shut up you’ll just be a lot louder then before.
“The girlfriend cums and begs to be taken to bed” and says:Daddy you kinda made me wet again.
Then you know what happens next😉
by Me245268131415 December 29, 2022
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