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Short for “Post American Stress Disorder”. The syndrome you develop when you move away from America (e.g. to Europe or any comparable developed country) and realize how politically oppressed, economically enslaved and financially dependent you used to be and that you can now live free of debt, judgement, discrimination and police violence as well as obtain universal healthcare and free education, and not be subjected to arbitrary and corrupt common law and crooked judges. Can take a lifetime to overcome this condition.
“Really? The doctor will not send me a surprise bill? You’re fucking with me, right?!”

“Bro, chill, it’s your PASD. Here, have a beer at 10:00 a.m., nobody cares!”
by Reenson February 21, 2018

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A member or ex-member of the armed forces or fan thereof who constantly boasts about it or shows a pattern of relating everything to the military. Usually little educated and generally ignorant of complex subject matters.
“If Kim Jong Un wants beef wit us, we’re gonna wipe his ass of the map, bro!”

“OMG, he’s such a militurd”
by Reenson January 30, 2018

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Short form for “Filipino”; Filipino speakers mispronounce “p” with “b” when speaking English.
“Ah, yes Sir, I am Bilibino. I was born on the Bilibines.”

“He’s a total Bino!”
by Reenson January 30, 2018

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Short for “House Gook”; a female or male spouse of Asian origin; usually the nagging kind.
“Sorry, I can’t make it to your place tonight. My HG is nagging on about how I have too many white friends.”
by Reenson January 30, 2018

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The demographic cohort following Generation Z. Doomers will come of age at a time when the planet and, thus, society as we know it is irreversibly doomed.

The term is also an assonance (rhyme) of (baby) “boomer,” describing any individual of the very generation that is commonly said to be responsible for the doomed nature of post-millennial existence.
“If the boomers had not destroyed the planet, they would not call us doomers, would they”.
by Reenson August 06, 2019

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Noun describing an Asian female that looks cute, attractive with eye makeup but, once the make-up is removed, reveals her much smaller eyes which, in turn, makes her appear less desirable.
When my ABC puts on makeup, she turns into a full-on panda.
by Reenson February 22, 2020

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