1. A celebrity among North Koreans for being the only fat man in the nation. Son of Kim Jong Il, grandson of North Korea's god Kim Il Sung.
2. Seth Rogan if he was asian.
Wow! Look over there! It's Kim Jong Un! I've never seen a man of his size before!
by McDaddy's Big Patties November 4, 2017
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Psychopathic WMD wielding rich jetpack-midget, obsessed with power and major control freak. Probably had daddy issues.
Run, It's Kim Jong Un and he has a Nuke-launching minigun!
by Dr. Yolo July 21, 2014
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Someone who never lets anyone have their own personal opinion.
My sister can be such a Kim Jong Un!
by Mr. Awesome II July 21, 2015
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A fatass who rules a mf country
Kim Jong Un is a leader of North Korea
by Nba raptors September 21, 2018
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What happens when you give an angry, fat little asian man control of his own totalitarian regime. If only his father didn't make fun of him for drinking margharitas.
North Korean Officer: Great Leader, Great Leader, the imperialist aggressors have made a horrible movie mocking the amazing country which you have created, what shall we do?
Kim Jong Un: Lets call the Chinese, maybe their hackers can help our puny country to attack the western world with any degree of success!
North Korean Officer: Yes, Great Leader. Shall I fetch your superman pajamaa?
by homieijustfuckedyomomma March 23, 2015
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The leader of North Korea who follows in his dead father's monarchy and gets all the food he was sent to himself (which is why he's fat) and the military, leaving the rest of the North Koreans skinny. Also he makes the police do bad stuff to prisoners (torture them)
Someone should do something about Kim Jong Un.
by What-thing February 19, 2014
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