The legal system of countries such as England (not scotland, they have a civil law system), Australia and USA.

It's a bullshit way to codify what a 2 year old can tell is right or wrong.

It's supposed to be fluid to modiy with changing society opinions on what is right or wrong. But in fact is full of old cunt judges who are so conservative they still think we should all be living with blacks and women as slaves and servants.

The judges write huge ass judgments to reason their thoughts out in a ruling which is so circular and wordy that the same thing can be written in 1 page including a picture.

In criminal law, it works pretty well, but for civil matters, it's the most useless way to get things done.

If you look at the law of contracts or torts, you can smell the bullshit that goes on from a mile away.

The common law is not designed to uphold justice but to uphold the sack of gold of the rich. If you've got money, you can't lose - that's read as "appeal".
Thank God for Equity, because the common law was just about to take my uncle's only house that he's had in his family for 5 generations because some fuckin bogan tricked him.
by RtotheOB May 20, 2005
Two people who having been getting together for a while but won't admit they are in a relationship
Robin is Barney's common law girlfriend on How I Met Your Mother
by Bobun 5ever August 6, 2012
When two people have been hooking up for an extended period of time but neither will acknowledge the relationship. They like to say they are just friends but spend lots of time just the two of them and sleep together.
Dude 1: I'm busy tonight. Leah and I are going to the movies.
Dude 2: Hanging out with Leah again, huh? How is that girlfriend of yours?
Dude 1: Dude, she is totally NOT my girlfriend. We're just friends.
Dude 2: Bro, you can't bang a girl for 6 months and tell me you're just friends. She is totally your common law girlfriend.
by anonymous7787 March 19, 2012
This is when two individuals are in a relationship without a title by choice. Both people are clearly together but there is no official status. Couple must have been "together" seriously for over six months to be considered. This situation may be caused because one is afraid to admit their feelings, or one does not truely want to be in the relationship, or they just don't worry about the status. Regardless of how they perceive it, the world sees them as a couple, or common law dating.
Ben: That's not Collin's girlfriend ya know.
Ty: What? They have been "together" forever!
Ben: Oh I know, but one of them, I wont name names, doesn't want to be "dating"
Ty: But.. They are only seeing each other?
Ben: Yes, so they are in a common law relationship.
by Millett5 November 9, 2011
When a couple has been "dating" for such a long time that they are on an inevitable path to marriage, the participants in the relationship become common law fiancés, even if no formal commitment to get married has been made. Often, the involved parties deny this de facto status, frequently out of fear of commitment or embarrassment over not taking their relationship to the next level. However, they usually conduct themselves like a typical engaged couple (e.g., sharing holidays with both sets of families, etc.)
Aaron: hey, is your fiance coming to dinner with us?
Mike: no, my girlfriend cannot make dinner tonight
Aaron: she is so your common law guys have been together for more than 6 years!
by truthteller2 November 15, 2012
When one goes 10+ years without getting laid or even coming remotely close to vagina, they are then, by default, gay as fuck.
Norm hasn't gotten pussy in so long, that nigga HAS to be common law gay by now!
by Slick Nicky January 12, 2017