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A more enlightened update of the incel. Where the incel is chronically alone, and projects his hatred onto women, the doomer has accepted his equally alone fate without resentment. Instead of bitching he listens to Radiohead on evening walks.

Usually in his 20s, the doomer is typically unemployed or doing a dead-end job, tormented by unrequited love, and alienated from most of the population; and this sense of personal aimlessness and despair seeps into his views on the world in general. So he lives in constant despair for humanity's future, with the prospect of ecological catastrophes and economic downturns tormenting his mind. To dull his sense of Weltschmerz he smokes, or drinks, takes drugs. But nothing can quite take away the dread that the doomer constantly feels towards the future. Hence his name.

He is the inheritor of a long tradition of being jaded with the world, and adopting this as a consistent worldview: he looks and nods at those that deny life: Hegesias of Cyrene, the Buddhists, Schopenhauer. But as a product of the modern world, he couldn't pretend that there is any ultimate spiritual redemption at the end. So he can only deny, deny, deny.
After she left him forever, he sat down, despondent and empty. But he mustered up the energy to put on his 90s playlist; and when the guitars from My Bloody Valentine's Loveless screeched their first note, he knew he was now a doomer.
by Lucian of Samosata March 11, 2019
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A Doomer is someone who has taken "the final redpill" and has given into a schizoid lifestyle of isolation, pessimism, and total apathy. Doomer's wallow in self hatred and are usually depressed. Doomers are almost always exclusively men.
"He became a doomer after his girlfriend left him."
by Le Cringe February 21, 2019
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Depressed blackpilled bachelors. Typically always male. Usually (but not exclusive to) an age range of 20-50 years old.
Doomers want to have a good normal life, but have such a low sexual market value that they end up going on /nightwalks/ alone. They want a good job, but they're not talented enough or driven enough to achieve in the workplace. This results in extremely negative thinking about themselves and the world, and an "I've given up" kind of lifestyle. They think the world is "falling apart" and they're actually quite articulate in describing what's wrong, but no one wants to listen. They're like ghosts. Just unseen mostly.
After a full year of unemployment, my old friend began talking to himself and going on night walks. I believe he has gone full doomer.
by Alvos February 28, 2019
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Someone who expects the worst possible outcome from a global occurrence, especially the peak in global oil production.

Antonyms are cornucopian, humanist, realist.

Doomers hold a faith based belief that humanity is incapable of resolving human-society created global issues, e.g. by replacing oil with other energy sources.

Refer apocophilia is packed full of doomers practicing group-think like it was a survival skill.

I used to be a doomer, but then I remembered how to add.
by Jaymax September 16, 2005
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A millennial who grew up in the mid to late 90s around the time the first DOOM game came out. They consider themselves their own separate group from the Millennial generation and they hold a deep resentment towards GenZ kids. They think the early 2000s were the best era of all time and every game made after that era will never live up to "the classics". Can usually be found wearing a dark clothes and a beanie in the back isle of the grocery store buying cigs or a 12 pack of Monster Ultra.
Doomer: *cracks open Monster Ultra* Look at that stupid Zoomer over there doing fortnite dances
by stillsxvc March 20, 2019
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Someone who that revels in the thought of destruction of the planet or humanity due to global warming.

Antonym: denier.

Doomers hold an unshakable faith that the planet is inevitably doomed because of anthropogenic global warming and that nothing can reverse earth's ultimate destruction. In particular, doomers seem to take joy in discussing and contemplating a global doomsday.
The doomer took great joy in debunking a report that suggested that global warming doomsday predictions were exaggerated.
by Sierra Sam February 09, 2012
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