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- Precise date range: 1995-2009
- Come of Age (turning 18 Years old): 2013 - 2027

The generation born completely within the technological age, war on terror, and multiculturalism. This generation is the first true global culture as their characteristics and trend is more uniform across the globe as they become the most open minded generation to date.

The earliest will vaguely remembers the 20th century, little affinity (mental age factor) or no memory of September 11th 2001, and the last golden years of TV animations in the western world, in Asia and elsewhere, Rise in standard of living, exposure to Computer and Internet and grow up in the reduction in moral, traditional values.

Comparable to grandparents Silent Generations and parents, Generation X. As of 2010 however, Generation Z culture are rising, they are predicted to be more cautious, more conservative and connected than ever with everyone around the globe. Despite the trend of them conforming to the Postmodernism counterculture or "spoiled culture". Generation Z's awareness will certainly derived them from the former generation mindset. They will help shape the fragile 21st century (Though not pioneer them like Gen Y) into a new understanding and approach of the global society.

Note: These measurements are cross referenced considerations mental development age and memories, significant events, and culture conditioning, regardless of their affinity towards former culture interest or attitude
Internet MEME!!!!, Youtube, Facebook, YOLO, Viral Videos, global warming, Ben 10, teen pregnancy, The 99% Movement, Gangnam Style, President Barack Obama, Iphones, Ipad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Global Financial Crisis, Twitter, loss of traditional culture, some SWAG or fag shit, Kpop, Jpop, Generation Z
by Prof. Ian Duncan, Greendale CC October 21, 2012
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Today’s teenagers and young adults, ranging in age from about 10-22. Whatever source you look up says something different, though.

We grew up in a post 9/11 world, were kids when the economy crashed, saw the first black man elected president and the first orange man elected president. Social media and iPhones were and are part of growing up for us.

Although the world is statistically getting better, we’ve never felt like we live in a peaceful world. As kids, we watched the war in Iraq and Afghanistan on TV. We have seen the rise of ISIS, school shootings, and huge natural disasters due to climate change. We have been inundated with bad news and fake news due to growing up with the internet. Adults told us growing up that we were entitled narcissists and our phones that they invented were destroying our social skills.

We grew up on youtube, twitter and instagram, making friends with people halfway across the world since we were young. We are the first truly global generation. Our claim to fame is our memes.

We have been handed a world that is more complex and faster changing than any other time in history. Many see it as broken. We saw the world lose it’s footing around 2016 when Trump became president, Brexit passed, and Harambe died. Many of us question whether or not it’s ethical to have kids, because we wonder if they’ll be around to see the end of the world. We are ridden with depression and anxiety and worry for the future. We are doing the best we can.
Generation Z: how bout I just yeet myself into oblivion
by gracie1030 August 09, 2019
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Todays teens and children born from 1995-2010. Most of the members of Generation Z either don't remember or vaugely remember key events such as the September 11th terrorist attacks or the invasion of Iraq. Most however have been affected by the currant "Great Recession"(2008-present). Unlike Millenials, or Generation Y, Generation Z will grow up in a childhood and teenhood without the luxury of a strong economy. Many compare Generation Z to the Silent Generation who were in between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boom Generation.

Alternate names for Generation Z include the Homeland Generation or the Homelanders and the Vacant Generation or the Vacants.
Baby Boomer: Peace man!!!!
Generation X: Long live Cobain!!!!
Generation Y/Millenial: Who needs Peace and Grunge when you have Lady Gaga!!!
Generation Z: I wish I could buy an iPad, but I'm in debt!
by rgreenberg15 November 02, 2010
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The earliest children of Generation Z are those born in and after 1990 and are often the children of generation X. They are unique as they have grown up with the internet. This generation is very networked with social networks and many means of communication and means of entertainment at their finger tips such as Cell Phones, iPod, Facebook, YouTube and IM. Digital networking and sharing is common and many have not known a time without the internet and are often referred to as digital natives.
by xSpartan117x January 07, 2010
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A cohort of a group of people born form Generation X. The demographic boom of Generation Y took place between 1980-1994. Therefore anyone born in 1994 or after, the most common ending date being 2010, is a member of Generation Z. They do not recall much of the events of the 9/11 attacks and grew up in the technology boom of the late 90's and early 2000's. Unlike Generation Y, they did not grow up recalling the Cold War era and were born in the post years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
generation z gen z generation y gen y generation x gen x
by Demographic Research July 21, 2011
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The best message board on the planet! Also known to have the friendliest Members and Staff in the world. They enjoy things from the 90's and the Power Rangers.
Randi: I found a cool new hangout!
Matt: That's so Generation Z!
by Julkies52 December 17, 2010
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The demographic born in and after 1994. The early nineties were a continuation of the 80's up until 1994. They are the children of Generation X.
Justin Bieber is a member of Generation Z. Shia Labeouf is not.
by yomang August 31, 2012
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