a slang term for a police cruiser, originating from the term "black and white"
A panda pulled up next to my car right as I was lighting a joint.
by adevne August 29, 2016
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A close friend that you tell everything to. Someone that is warm and friendly and always makes you feel better, hence the name panda.
After a fight with my boyfiend i called my panda to ask what i should do.
by Amaka October 3, 2007
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A person who has a lifestyle that limits their success in the world, and causes them to risk elimination from the gene pool.

The term refers to the giant panda which only eats bamboo, a food that offers little nutritional value and only allows mother pandas to raise one cub at a time. In addition, panda bears are known for being reluctant to reproduce, severely limiting their species's success.

Humans can be referred to as "pandas" when they choose a lifestyle that limits their ability to earn a living, maintain their health, or provide for a family. This term is especially appropriate when a person squanders opportunities available to them.

Examples include: vegans, who prioritize the health and well-being of other animals above their own; and college dropouts, who had an opportunity to improve their life through education but failed to seize it.
Q: Is Darren sick? He looks so pale and thin.
A: No, he decided to become a vegan. He is such a panda.
by TheBeagle December 5, 2009
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A majestic animal that is black, white and asian. There are also a such thing as red pands which resemble foxes. Originated in China. They are vegetarians because they eat bamboo. They are known to eat 12 - 16 hours a day. They are adorable creatures. Sadly, they will soon be extinct.
That girl acts so much like a panda!

I love PANDAS!!!!!!! <3
by pandalover<3 May 11, 2010
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A word to describe someone who is very attractive and eye catching. Not to be confused with the panda bear
"Hey man, look over there"


"Look at that girl, she's hot"

"Oh yeah, she's a massive panda"
by deccyg April 17, 2013
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