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Short for “Post American Stress Disorder”. The syndrome you develop when you move away from America (e.g. to Europe or any comparable developed country) and realize how politically oppressed, economically enslaved and financially dependent you used to be and that you can now live free of debt, judgement, discrimination and police violence as well as obtain universal healthcare and free education, and not be subjected to arbitrary and corrupt common law and crooked judges. Can take a lifetime to overcome this condition.
“Really? The doctor will not send me a surprise bill? You’re fucking with me, right?!”

“Bro, chill, it’s your PASD. Here, have a beer at 10:00 a.m., nobody cares!”
by Reenson February 21, 2018
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PASD (Post Awesome Stress Disorder) When you just returned from a 7 day yacht trip and normal tasks no longer feel "normal". Symptoms: Recurrent fist-pumping during meetings, grocery shopping, phone calls, etc. When giving directions, instead of saying "turn left", you say "port!". You sleep all day and party all night. When you meet your friends at a bar, they order a beer and you order a 6L bottle of Belvedere Vodka. Your response to every question is "Fuckin' Max".
"Dude, I'm totally suffering from PASD"
by 5555416280303 July 19, 2014
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