a retarded fucking song by some bitch that sounds like future, but really isnt
and people only like it for the beat because the beat is fire af, but the lyrics need google translate and jesus.
*Loud ass bitch in the background that sounds like he killing every fucking body*

Bitch that sounds like future: "Panda panda panda panda. I got broads in atlanta, fjjhhetiydbfimhgct...."
by Fxxk it May 12, 2016
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Person: OMG! What was that?

Other Person: It was a panda bro
by angelicaschuyler22@gmail.com February 22, 2017
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Possibly the greatest animal that God put on this earth. Usually very cute and cuddly, they generally spend their lives eating bamboo and sitting on their haunches. Their population is very low due in part to the fact that they are too lazy to have sex.
And the Lord came unto the Earth and made the Panda to his likeness. And HE spake, saying, "Thou shalt be of a cheery disposition and be loved by all." And the Lord smiled upon the Panda and gave it a branch of bamboo. (Panda 13:22)

And the Lord came unto the cheery Panda and spake, saying, "Although thou art a peaceful critter, thou shalt defend yourself furiously when attacked and rippe the limbs from thine enemies and make them wish they had never been born..." (Panda 15:10)
by Ingy December 4, 2007
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The coolest animal ever!!! Has really cool looks, eats bamboo, and likes to play with people (even though it's so big it often causes harm to frail human bodies).
-I have to sell my liver so I can go see the Panda in the zoo!!!
-I already sold mine!!!
by The Jon S May 27, 2006
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My soulmate, Someone that is warm and friendly and always made me feel better and safe, hence the name panda.

Panda will always love the first love of his life no matter what.
Panda likes to eat from Friday’s and Buffalo Wild Wings and Loves The Moon aka “M”
by The 1sttt May 5, 2020
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A chubby girl with a cute face.
If there aren't any hot girls in here, we can atleast cuddle with the pandas.
by antipandagal January 9, 2009
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Amazing animals that god let rome on the earth.Like all other animals they walk around naked . Accept pandas don't care about anything, as well as being so freaking cute. To master the art of the panda you must:
-Sleep in to late
-Roll everywhere instead of walking
-not care about anything
-and live in your house because you have to walk around naked forever

oh, and one last thing if you have ANYTHING to cuddle. Cuddle it like there is no tommorow
"DUDE, I mastered the art of pandas!"
"﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O'rly?"
"its 9 in the mornin'"
"pandas sleep till afternoon
by omfgcat March 29, 2016
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