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A religion where people believe that everything is sacred and should be revered. Destruction of anything is outlawed. Jains, or people who believe in Jainism, wear loose white garments with sandals and a mouth flap. This traditional outfit is so that nothing, even insects will not be accidentally harmed. They also usually carry some sort of broom to clear passage ways of living things for them to step. They are very reclusive and good whole hearted people.
Peep dem ni66a jains in the hizouse foo.
by Ralphus May 02, 2004
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-Dude that guy over there is such a homeowner
-Nah man hes cool, he def just rents.
by Ralphus May 02, 2004
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A progger is a stupid little bitch who has to cheat at video games to boost their own morale. Proggers can be identified by unmistakeable strength and invulnerability. A progger uses a computer "prog" short for program to enhance their gaming abilities. They are fucking homos who have no life. They live in their parents basement and are 30 years old. gay assholes.
-What the flying fuck!? This little bitch just 0wned me, i was at full fucking life!
-Fuck! he 0wned me too, that little bitch is a fucking progger!!
by Ralphus April 14, 2004
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