A girl who sleeps around with guys with girlfriends, because she gets off to the thought of being used.

She likes to believe that, even though he's cheating on his current girlfriend for her, that he'd never screw her over.

The other girl is commonly written off as slut or whore by those who misunderstand her, when really, she just has a drafty vagina needs to be kept filled.
You're.... THE OTHER GIRL.
You're okay with letting yourself get used by a guy with a girl friend!
Don't worry, he loves you, and he'll eventually be with you, when his girlfriend dumps him.
Until then, he'll have you on a string, but that's alright, because you're okay with being used for sex because you like feeling wanted.
by napoo February 16, 2010
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basically it means the other girl your boy has been fuckin around with
kels - who the hell is she!!?
dylan - well she's my other girlfriend kinda sorta
the other girl - wtf dylan!!! ( slaps him ) it's over
by jklhrlqkewjhr July 30, 2008
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The other girl is who gets little to no attention and constantly feels out-shined. They usually have very low self esteem and constantly feel threatened by girls with higher self confidence.
Every time we go out I'm always the other girl.
I'm not the other girl, you just think your better then me.
The other girl mentality is what's making you unattractive.
by Pink Cool Whip March 18, 2017
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Usually seen in memes created by usually created by insecure girls called "Other Girls vs Me". Usually the other girls are preppy, girly, wearing trendy clothes, etc and shown in a negative way while the and basically saying that if you are an Other Girl you are a basic bitch. Usually the girls who create these memes only to re-assure their sense of superiority because they are insecure with themselves, so instead working on themselves and their attitude they create these dumbass memes thinking it's actually making a difference.
Insecure Girl 1: Look its those "other girls"
Insecure Girl 2: Eww, they think they are hot shit because they go to parties.
Insecure Girl 1: Yeah, I'm so happy that I spend my time at home on the internet and watching tv instead of having a "social life."
Insecure Girl 2: Yeah!
by QueenofBasicbitchery July 14, 2017
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something every white girl claims not to be. common examples of the "other girls" include: basic, loving starbucks, being a normal human, being thoty.
girl: Im not like other girls, I don't CARE about my body, I eat pizza and donuts, AND Im still a virgin

guy: you are none of those things...
by IMgay April 11, 2019
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Some girls would use this term in a pejorative way, making an unfair generalization of other girls their age. 'Other girls' are often depicted as being blonde, unintelligent, slutty, fake, and gravitating to the mainstream. When in reality, these kinds of posts reinforce a lot of harmful sexist stereotypes.
Girl 1: L0l i'm SOOO00O0 noT liek oThEr grrRRls bekuz i LieK aniME and lISteN to em0 mewSIK!! All other girls care only about sex, makeup, money, and their boyfriends!

Girl 2: Dude, what if those 'other girls' have shared interests with you? Besides, not all other girls are like that!
by Thats16myboi July 6, 2020
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This is probably the most basic girl ever.

Basically, she thinks she's different because, "eats pizza and gamess1!!!1!! instead of partying LOL"
She does things almost 50% percent of girls do, and acts like she's so weird.
She also thinks if you have big tits and a big booty, you're automatically dumb.
So basically, she's basic (FUNNY PUN LAURA HAHAHAHAH) and she's stereotypical.
Another point is with their love, where do we begin.
They're kinda like the r/NiceGirls because they always go, "OMGGG WHY DO GUYS ALWAYS PICK SL*TS OVER SMART GIRLS THAT ARE ACTUALLY GOOOD??"
But at the end of the day they're somehow the "good guys" because they don't send nudes? Because apparently if you don't play video games, isolate yourself, judge others for their interest, and you won't believe this..EAT, you're sooooo baddd!1!!1!1
Guy : Hi, I'm ______ I think you're really cute, wanna hang out?
Girl : Wha- You- You can't just say that I need you to like UGH! I don't wanna send you nudes! I'm not like other girls!!
Guy, who has heard this 100 times : Yeah, I just nevermind...
Girl : *posts on Instagram 3 hours later* WHY WON'T A GUY GO OUT WITH ME?
by I_AmBasic September 12, 2019
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