An all round nice guy. German for small, not a common name. People called this usually are best in sports and smart along with it. Beats anyone called patrick or Louis. Is mega hot, is basically god like. Also a common jewish surname but has nothing to do with people who have it as a first name. :D
Holy shit is that Klein!
Damm Klein, hes so good a everything.
LEts get that bastard, oh wait its Klein!
by pepito23435 August 21, 2012
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Klein Klein Klein klein
Klein Klein Klein Klein
by Lil Bogues April 15, 2021
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German for the word 'small.'
You have a klein brain.
by Kleinhansco February 13, 2010
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1. Norwegian for hangover.

2. Norwegian for embarrassed, usually used when somebody have hooked up and are embarrassed upon meeting that person.
1. - Hvordan er formen? (How are you)
- Har vondt i hodet, er så sykt klein fra igår ! (I'm having an headache, I'm so hangover from yesterday)

2. - Møtte du henne igår? (Did you meet her yesterday)
- Ja, det var så sykt kleint! (Yeah, it was so embarrassing!)
by Shi Xue February 13, 2011
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When someone on a trampoline gets double bounced, loses control, and lands on a poor soul.
Joe gets double bounced and lands on Amin.
Amin: Dude what the heck man why'd you klein me?
Joe: Sorry man
by yo_its_me August 27, 2006
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Klein is another name for a douchebag.
"look at that Klein over there yelling at his girlfriend. didn't he cheat on her last week?"
by Kate021010 April 14, 2010
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