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A way to show the utmost form of respect during an unfortunate or tragic event. This form of flattery stems from the world of gamers. "Press F to pay respects" is the caption in a scene that occurs at a funeral in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. See oof for a less formal method of condolences.
Guy 1: bro my girlfriend dumped me for a vibrator

Guy 2: F
by 🅱️ U S 3 4 8 March 08, 2019
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-Another mass shooting has occurred; type f to pay your respect to the fallen along with their families, and friends.

by WhyOhWhy69 January 30, 2017
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Press F to Pay Respects is an action prompt from a quick time event featured in the first-person shooter Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Following the game’s release in November 2014, many players mocked the event online for forcing interactivity into the cut scene.
by Autistic Dog April 29, 2019
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F is what is used to show respects after a serious event/tragedy.
by youngsavage69 November 03, 2018
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