1. Getting raped anally by an extremely homosexual man, or a really freaky girlfriend with a strap-on.
2. Getting fucked over on a deal or something of the sort.
1. " Dude... Bob's so unlucky. He got fucked in the ass by Jim. "
2. " Jim, you whore! You fucked me in the ass over my skittles! I'll kill you! "
by Brock S. August 31, 2006
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1. A more harsh version of getting fucked over in a certain situation. Mainly used to describe how a sports game is going or to describe a bad day.

2. Also can be taken in a literal term in which you physically get penetrated in the anal by another dude, and is found most common among gays.
1. John: “Dude did you see how much Clemson is losing by”

Jim: “Yeah, they’re really getting fucked in the ass

2. Steve: “What did you do last night bro?”
Aiden: “Oh I was just getting fucked in the ass by Todd, you should join us next time. Then we can all get fucked in the ass.”
by Keif cheef January 3, 2021
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1: A sexual act when one slides their penis through their partners ass cheeks in a rocking back and forth motion similar to that of a hot dog sliding back and forth between a canal.

2: The sexual action of tittie fucking applied to the buttocks canal.

3: A means of expressing frustration
1: Bob: "So how was your night with big booty judy?"

Craig: "We didn't have sex, but the good news is I got to Tittie fuck in the ass."

2: "It looked like I was sliding a hot dog down a very narrow hallway when I was tittie fucking her in the ass."

3: "Tittie Fuck me in the ass! I just failed that chem test."
by ForeverBethBredl June 5, 2010
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V. The art of skull fucking in the asshole originated in the lower region of China when this little boy named kong ate a meat popatart and had a vision..
No one really knows what this is or how it's done, still a mystery left unsolved.
Kongfu: I skull fuck in the ass other day, then I skull fuck mom in ass newb.
by Koruptwon August 8, 2006
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