Carn means "come on" and comes from the drunken crowds of Austrailan Rules Football. It can be extended past "come on", as it can be used like "carn the Pies" when you cannot say "come on the Pies".
Carlton Supporter: Carn the Blues!
Collingwood Supporter: Fuck that, mate! Carn the Pies!
by xanya April 10, 2005
Legitimate Australian term for 'come on'.

Often used during horse racing ("Carn you sweet thing"), AFL football matched ("Carn the pies!") and when summoning friends ("Carn, poofter!")

See also
"You coming to the pub?"
"Alright then."
by Jane From Carnyousweetthing September 15, 2006
Come on. It's a good way to harass people.
Pattus- "Oi Craig0, wheres the pizza at?"
Craig0- "I'm not getting you pizza"
Pattus- "caaaaaaaarnnnnn!!!"
by Pattus August 20, 2003
being like or having traits of a carny; originating from the deep south
Travis is so carn, he has a mullet and drives a '91 Camaro IROC-Z.

Did we just drink at noon? We are sooo carn!
by elliott April 11, 2005
1. a country way of saying corn.

2. a substance that comes out of your hole in your butt. (synonym: crap, poop, turd)
1. Pass me the carn.

2. I have to take a huge carn.
by Tender Young April 5, 2009
the act of giving your poker chips away via playing poor hands and using bad judgement. This usually happens after you score a big pot and are in decent chip position during a tournament.
Greg Den Haese is carning his chips again.
by Kewlb July 28, 2004
Adjective. To have the appearance or demeanor of a carnie (carnival worker). A person that is not employable in an office setting. Best chance for employment is as a tilt o whirl operator or a stable cleaner at a county fair.
That girl with the pigtails is totally carnes.
by Cooper45 July 14, 2006