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"HyperText Markup Laughing OnLine"

No description needed. :3
john_doe42: how do i made webpage
me: You don't. It makes itself.
john_doe42: but how??
john_doe42: i bet yuo don't know html, it is teh best ftw
me: htmlol
by Quakeulf August 2, 2006
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A very shady bro. Derived from Gollum.

One who might turn his split personality against you for his own benefit should you decide to trust him like a real bro.
Dude, he's not a real broham, he's just a brollum.
by Quakeulf September 28, 2009
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In Gookle the most common search terms are "fried rice", "noodles" and "blonde girls".
by Quakeulf June 23, 2008
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1.) Jewish people living in Holland.

2.) A refreshing drink made of oranges.
"There are lots of orange jews in this area."

"I had enough of orange jews last night. Now I'm sick."
by Quakeulf August 24, 2005
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Dude 1: }:3 }:3 }:3
Dude 2: Sure is a lot of water buffalos around here.
Dude 1: >:3
Dude 2: Jesus Christ, and a lion!
Dude 1: >:3~
Dude 2: YARRRGH!
by Quakeulf October 15, 2008
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The "save" (like knee grows) when you are about to say something bad.
dude 1: I changed my MSN pic!
dude 2: OH SHI-
dude 1: oh what?
dude 2: oh ship! I meant ship, really I did!
dude 1: oh, ok.
by Quakeulf April 24, 2007
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"Garden of Eden Creation Kit" from Fallout 2.
Get the geck, or get the geck out of here!
by Quakeulf January 19, 2004
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