awakening memories of something similar; suggestive
i was reminiscent of the times i use to share with my long gone friends.
by joe'l williams April 28, 2008
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verb: to recall the past, to recollect and tell of past experiences or events

Not reminiSe or reminiCe - it's reminiSCe
I wanted to reminisce with my friends about our high school days.
by Spaztoid May 7, 2006
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It's the present participle of the verb "Reminisce", which is a synonym for the verb "Remember".

It is a very classy verb used by various poets and people of higher status.

It was also made famous by rapper Tupac Shakur's "Pour out a little liquor" song which made various Afro-American L.A. gangsters use it while smoking weed and drinking liquor with their bitches in the club.
Person 1 : Yo wazzup man! Watchu u doin here sHHmokin' that weed all alone?

Person 2 : Imma just reminiscing mah good old days aZ a straight out G!

Person 1 : Mind if join mah homie?

Person 2 : aiight foo!
by DannyOK December 23, 2008
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1. The act or process of recollecting past experiences or events.
2. An experience or event recollected
3. A narration of past experiences. Often used in the plural.
4. An event that brings to mind a similar, former event.
"Her mind seemed wholly taken up with reminiscences of past gaiety" Charlotte Brontë.
by Nuha September 8, 2007
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Rememberin A Person Who Is Dead Or Rememberin SOmething
I Reminisce Of Muh Homie Thats Lost
by JToThaDot October 21, 2003
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King, legend .. one a kind that can never be replaced
"wat a reminisce" - wat a fkn legend
by Anonymous July 8, 2003
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Phantom reminiscence takes place when one seems to reminisce about a past event that did not actually take place.
Dude 1: Why did you not come to me yesterday? I called you up twice.
Dude 2: But, you did not. A phantom reminiscence, I think.
by uttam maharjan January 20, 2010
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